Speech from Former Google, Warby Parker Exec

Anjali standing behind a cutting board in a kitchen

The question former Google and Warby Parker Anjali Kumar gets asked most frequently is this: “How do we innovate at our company so we can grow our business unit to a billion dollars?”

Anjali is the former Head of Social Innovation at Warby Parker, the transformational eyewear brand that disrupted the eyeglass industry permanently. She is also a former Google executive who worked on the Google acquisition of YouTube.

We saw a sneak peek of her new presentation and it’s terrific. It’s all about:

  • “Living in the questions”
  • Fostering a culture of curiosity that leads to experimental thought
  • Unlearning the idea that the more you know, the more successful you will be
  • Her tested 3 tenets of innovation

Her presentations are upbeat and engaging, and push for a fresh look at innovation as a journey and not a one-off product destination. She especially enjoys interviews and panel discussions.

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