Alberto Savoia

Co-Founder Pretotype Labs, former Google executive, Author
Alberto Savoia
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Alberto Savoia is a successful practitioner, expert, coach, author, and speaker on the topic of high-yield innovation through experimentation. His area of focus and expertise is in helping already successful and established companies innovate like startups. He was Innovation Agitator at Google where he was the most requested speaker on the topic of Innovation. His prior responsibilities at Google included being the first Director of Engineering, where he led the group that launched Google's multi-billion-dollar AdWords.

Savoia is the co-founder of PretotypeLabs, which was started in 2012, to help disseminate the theory and practice of pretotype-driven innovation which he developed while he was at Google. He is also collaborating with Stanford University's Graduate School of Business as a lecturer and innovation coach and he continues to work with Google to create and lead courses and workshops in pretotyping. Prior to Google and PretotypeLabs, Savoia was director of software research at Sun Microsystem where he played a key role in the development of Java technology and tools and co-founder of two very innovative and influential startups in the area of software development & testing tools.

One of the constants in Savoia's career has been his drive and passion for fostering and creating innovation in all of his endeavors. For this, he has won significant industry recognition and awards, including The 2005 Wall Street Journal Technical Innovator Award, InfoWorld Top 25 CTOs Award, AlwaysOn Top Innovators Award (2004, 2005, and 2006) and InfoWorld's Technology of the Year Award (2005 and 2006).

Alberto’s latest book, The Right It—Why so many ideas fail and how to make sure yours succeed, will be published by HarperCollins in February 2019.

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The Era of Apex Innovators. We have entered a new era in business; An era in which a few giant and incredibly successful companies have mastered the skills to continue to innovate and grow with the agility and speed of start-ups. Alberto Savoia, calls these outliers Apex Innovators.

Apex Innovators don’t use their size as an excuse for slowing down. They use it as a unique advantage to accelerate, explore, and win with new products ... and in new markets. The reward for these companies? Double-digit growth! Year after year. With no end in sight. This is not supposed to happen, that rate of growth is reserved for small companies not multi-billion industry giants. But it is happening. And it’s a tornado on the competitive landscape.

In this presentation, Alberto explains who are the Apex Innovators, what makes them Apex Innovators, and—most important—how your company can become an Apex Innovator.

The Right It—Why So Many Ideas Fail & How To Make Sure Yours Succeed. Most new ideas will fail in the market—even if competently executed. Alberto Savoia calls this somber fact The Law of Market Failure, and any organization planning to develop and launch a new product, service, or initiative, has to deal with it. Fortunately, you can fight the Law of Market Failure and win. But to do that, you must first make sure that your idea is The Right It: an idea which, if competently executed, will succeed in the market.

In this speech, based several years of research, experimentation, and teaching at Google and Stanford University, Alberto Savoia will teach you how to make sure that you are building The Right It before you build It right.

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