Amy Harder

National Energy and Climate Change Reporter at Axios
Amy  Harder
  • One of the leading national energy, environmental, and climate change journalists in the country with respect across the spectrum
  • Frequently appears on PBS NewsHour, MSNBC, CBS, and NPR, among many other media outlets

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Amy Harder is one of the top national energy and climate change reporters in the country, considered to be a uniquely balanced and influential journalist with respect across the spectrum. She covers these issues in a regular column at Axios, called Harder Line.

In her column and elsewhere on, Harder reports on trends and exclusive scoops, while also distilling into understandable formats complex energy and climate issues relevant to people outside the industry. Harder interviews some of the biggest CEOs in the energy industry, and at the same time bridges the gap between what CEOs say and what everyday people care about.

Previously, she covered the same issues for The Wall Street Journal, based out of its Washington, DC, bureau, and before that at National Journal, also in Washington DC.

She has appeared on PBS' NewsHour, CSPAN, Fox News, MSNBC, CBS, and NPR, among many other media outlets. She is regularly sought out to speak and participate in events, including moderating and participating in panel discussions and giving speeches in Washington, DC, and throughout the country.

Amy is originally from Washington State and received a BA in journalism with honors from Western Washington University.

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Speaker Video

Amy Harder On How Trump Could Vastly Expand Offshore Drilling

Amy Harder: Energy & Climate Issues To Watch In 2018

Amy Harder can speak on a range of energy, climate change, and environmental issues, relevant to both people in these areas and companies/groups outside of it.

Speaking Topics:

Energy Under Trump. Washington’s energy and environmental agenda has been turned on its head under President Trump. Amy breaks down complex energy and climate regulations to share digestible and thought-provoking takeaways and help groups understand how, in the age of Trump, new energy and climate policy will affect their industry or organization.

The Future Of Energy. We’re in the middle of a massive energy transition, with big oil and gas companies beginning to invest in other energy resources, and renewables surging. Amy regularly interviews some of the biggest CEOs in the energy industry, giving her a unique insight into where the energy industry is headed and what they mean for businesses across the globe.

The Future Of Climate Change. Climate change is in the news now more than ever, with increasingly powerful storms and Capitol Hill moves—like the Trump Administration pulling out of the Paris agreement. Amy breaks down what to expect from a warming world in the coming years, touching upon extreme weather, rising sea levels, regulations, and more.

Energy: The Vegetables Of Our Lives. As kids, you probably didn’t want to eat your vegetables, but you still needed them. That’s how it is for energy: We don’t really think about it but we need it for our lives and it’s only when we don’t have it that it’s on our minds. Amy shares the psychology behind why people don’t care, what factors make people care, and why it’s important to remain invested in energy and climate issues now.

Energy Prices & You. What kind of costs can you expect to face from transportation, electricity, and heating/air conditioning? How will these costs change in the coming years? A lot of surprising factors are at play that could help drive your costs up—or down—unexpectedly, Amy Harder is able to pull back the curtain on likely outcomes now and possible outcomes in the future.

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