Andrew Winston

Business Consultant & Founder of Winston Eco-Strategies

Andrew Winston
  • Globally recognized advisor on sustainable business whose clients include HP, J&J, Kimberly-Clark, Marriott, and PWC
  • Latest book, The Big Pivot, was selected as one of the "Best Business Books" by Strategy+Business magazine
  • Provides a blueprint for creating resilient, flexible businesses in a hotter, scarcer, more open world

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Andrew Winston is a globally recognized expert on how companies can navigate and profit from humanity’s biggest challenges. Andrew’s first book, Green to Gold, was the top-selling green business title of the last decade, selling more than 100,000 copies in seven languages. Inc. Magazine included Green to Gold on its all-time list of 30 books that every manager should own.

His latest book, The Big Pivot, was selected as one of the "Best Business Books" by Strategy+Business magazine. The book provides a practical roadmap to help leaders build resilient, thriving companies and communities in a volatile world. He is also author of the Harvard Business Review (HBR) Magazine cover story, “Resilience in a Hotter World” and the HBR feature “Energy Strategy for the C-Suite.”

As founder of Winston Eco-Strategies, Andrew’s views on strategy have been sought after by many of the world’s leading companies, including HP, Ingersoll Rand, J&J, Kimberly-Clark, Marriott, PepsiCo, PwC, and Unilever.

Andrew is also a highly respected and dynamic speaker, reaching audiences of thousands with an entertaining message of practical optimism: the world’s challenges are great, but business has the tools, resources, and creativity to create a thriving world. He has spoken all over the world – in Europe, Russia, Brazil, the Middle East, and China – bringing his ideas to leadership meetings of the top executives of Fortune 500 companies, large industry conferences, and high-profile events like the World Innovation Forum and TED.

Andrew has written three business strategy books - Green to Gold, Green Recovery, and The Big Pivot. He is a regular blogger and contributor to Harvard Business Review online, the Guardian, Huffington Post, and his own popular blog at Andrew has been quoted or appeared in major media such as The Wall Street Journal, Time, BusinessWeek, New York Times, and CNBC.

Andrew’s work is based on significant business experience and education. His earlier career included advising companies on corporate strategy while at Boston Consulting Group and management positions in strategy and marketing at Time Warner and MTV. He received his BA in Economics from Princeton, an MBA from Columbia, and a Masters of Environmental Management from Yale. He lives in Greenwich, CT with his wife and two sons.

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Speaker Video

Andrew Winston's TED Talk on the Big Pivot

Global News Interview: The Big Pivot

The Big Pivot

The Big Pivot.

Innovation And Value Creation In A Hotter, Scarcer, More Open World

Andrew Winston, a globally recognized speaker and business strategy expert, lays out a new vision for profiting in fundamentally changed world. It’s not just the future, but is here now. Andrew lays out the critical mega-trends that disrupting “business as usual”: a changing climate; dramatically cheaper renewable energy and clean technologies; global water and resource constraints; deep demographic shifts and new demands from Millennials and Gen Z; and exciting technologies, from AI to blockchain, that are transforming businesses and creating radical transparency.

But these challenges, Winston shows, offer unprecedented opportunities: multi-trillion-dollar markets in energy, buildings, transportation, consumer products, and finance are in play. The winners of this new game will profit mightily.

In a unique and entertaining way, Winston’s talk…

  • Offers many “wow” moments backed by surprising data and stories about the world, including about how fast the clean economy is coming;
  • Explores what powerful stakeholders – customers, employees, and the world’s biggest institutional investors – are demanding from the companies they buy from, work for, and invest in;
  • Describes the simple but profound shift – the Big Pivot – that disruptive companies are making to navigate and solve the world’s toughest challenges;
  • Provides crucial tactics and strategies for executives and managers to profit from this new, volatile reality;
  • Inspires audiences to think about the true purpose of their business and their jobs, to ask deeply heretical questions, and to connect with their customers in new ways.

With concrete advice and stories from the companies Andrew has studied, advised, and spoken to – giants like Apple, Blackrock, Coca-Cola, Dow, Ford, GE, Nike, Tesla, Uber, Unilever, and Walmart – his Big Pivot talk provides a blueprint for creating resilient, flexible businesses and a more prosperous world.

Climate Change and Business.

What we know, the risks, the opportunities, & what the world is doing

Entertaining and enlightening without too much jargon, Andrew discusses the phenomenon of climate change, including: the basic science and why the consensus on human-driven climate change is so strong, the level of risk from inaction, the costs to society thus far and going forward, the business case for action, and how big companies are managing climate risk and opportunity for profit.

Energy Strategy for The C-Suite.

An overview of the world’s largest industry and how business leaders can shift their thinking about energy from seeing it as a cost center to a strategic asset, including: exploring how different regions of the world use energy, the fundamental tensions between energy use and climate change, the rapidly shifting economics of clean energy, and the deep interconnections between energy, food, and water.

Green to Gold.

How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage

Andrew will explore the environmental pressures and powerful stakeholders driving companies to go green. Winston demonstrates how leading companies create business value in 4 fundamental ways: lowering costs, reducing risk, increasing revenues, and enhancing brand value (such as employee and customer loyalty).

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