Anthony Shop

National Digital Roundtable Chairman, Social Driver Co-Founder, LGBT Business Leader
Anthony Shop
  • Digital services firm, Social Driver, named the “7th fastest growing agency in the United States” by The Agency 100 and the “#1 LGBT-Owned Business” by The Washington Business Journal
  • Featured by the BBC, CBS, Bloomberg, and Al Hurra for his views on digital thinking and trends
  • Convener, entrepreneur, and educator who champions a digital mindset to create bottom-up strategies that unleash the energy in people

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In an era of digital transformation and disruption, Anthony Shop is a refreshing optimist and proven innovator in the field of digital and social media. As a convener, entrepreneur and educator, Anthony champions a digital mindset to create bottom-up strategies that unleash the energy in people. He has demonstrated that by putting people before technology, organizations can achieve results that seemed unimaginable a few short years ago.

Anthony is Chairman of the National Digital Roundtable, the premier convener of digital innovators, leaders and policy shapers. Through his off-the-record roundtables and public forums in partnership with premier NGOs, educational institutions, and embassies, Anthony has developed an innovative perspective that transcends industries and borders. His views on digital thinking and trends have been featured by the BBC, CBS, Bloomberg, and Al Hurra, and at conferences across the globe.

In 2011, Anthony co-founded Social Driver, a digital services firm, to help companies and non-profits establish winning strategies with social media, websites, content, and advertising. The firm quickly established itself as a leader and was named the “7th fastest growing agency in the United States” by The Agency 100, “Supplier of the Year” by the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, “DC’s Coolest Company” by DC Inno, and the “#1 LGBT-Owned Business” by The Washington Business Journal. In only eight years, the firm’s proven digital solutions have revolutionized how hundreds of leading organizations manage issues and reputations, market products and services, and build engagement and relationships with people ranging from customers to policymakers. Social Driver has earned its place as the trusted partner time and again by delivering game-changing results for Honda, Cigna, Sprint, Goodwill, ADA, and more.

Anthony offers a global perspective on the digital future from his experience as a citizen diplomat. An Eisenhower Fellow and a German Marshall Memorial Fellow, he has researched global marketing communications trends, the world-wide fight against false news and misinformation, and China’s vastly different digital and social media landscape. As a member of the US Department of State Speakers Bureau, his talks have been simulcast to dozens of American embassies around the world. Anthony is frequently called on to host international delegations visiting the U.S. He serves on the board of Global Ties Foundation and a trustee for People to People International.

Through his use of proven frameworks and compelling storytelling, professionals around the world have embraced Anthony’s message to drive their social media and digital strategies. He has given keynotes for dozens of prominent organizations, including NASA’s Johnson Space Center, The New York Times, and Communication University of China. Anthony has been recognized as an “OUTstanding LGBT Role Model” by The Financial Times and “40 Under 40” by The Washington Business Journal. A former newspaper reporter, Anthony was the first new media professional elected to the prestigious National Press Club’s Board of Governors.

Prior to founding Social Driver, Anthony served as press secretary for a top U.S. congressional race and as a journalist. He earned his MBA from The George Washington University School of Business, where he teaches as an adjunct lecturer, and his BA from William Jewell College as a Truman Scholar.

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Speaker Video

Anthony Shop on Digital Strategy

Anthony Shop: People Are The New Channel

Anthony Shop Speaks At #GlobalTies2017

Anthony Shop | Small Business University

People Are The New Channel. 21st century tools won’t work if your organization is stuck in a 20th century culture. Gone are the days of distributing brand messages through a series of marketing channels. In today’s world, people are the new channel, empowering all of us to write our own stories and connect in ways that used to be unimaginable. Companies positioned to win in the digital revolution have three things in common: They put people at the center, helping them write their own real-time autobiographies rather than interrupting them. They innovate, rather than imitate what their competitors are doing, creating opportunities in the board room, war room and show room. And finally, they embrace the culture of today by aligning strategies and tactics with audience insights and behaviors.

Driving Your Social Strategy In An Era of Convergence. The media landscape has been forever upended. Digital nativesthe Millennial generation, and now, Gen Zelude brands and confound marketers. The convergence of paid, earned, shared and owned media have resulted in new approaches that don’t fit neatly into the silos of traditional marketing plans. Winning marketing campaigns require a digital mindset to create bottom-up strategies that unleash the energy in people. Through real stories and actionable insights from leading brands, Anthony will demonstrate how to connect with your audience by understanding and reacting to what motivates them. You will learn how optimizing content across platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest, using proven frameworks, including “The 6 E’s of Engagement.” (This session can be offered as a hands-on workshop with breakout sessions.)

The Three Dimensions of Digital Strategy. Why are some nonprofit organizations growing and transforming while others are shrinking? Look no further than their digital strategy. In today’s connected world, we must realign our marketing communications efforts to meet the needs of our people.

In this talk, digital business expert Anthony Shop leads the conversation on how innovative nonprofit organizations are using a bottom-up digital strategy to unleash their organizations’ untapped energy and connect with their audiences. He’ll introduce his nonprofit digital strategy playbook, the Three Dimensions of Digital Strategy, a people-centered, actionable framework that will help you raise brand awareness, drive action, and deepen connection with your target market. Key takeaways include:

  • How to shift from a traditional channel-centric approach to a people-centered strategy
  • Lessons from what some nonprofits are doing to grow and lead in the digital era
  • How to answer the “ROI” question with a proven formula for measuring success: See, Say, Do

Fighting False News: Strategies To Combat Digital Misinformation. In the digital era, information travels instantaneously—including misinformation, disinformation, and yes, fake news. Increasingly, the public doesn’t know whom to trust, as politicians discredit traditional media, influencers give credence to false rumors and our own friends and family unknowingly spread untruths. Incorrect information can damage brands, complicate natural disasters and even sway elections. This talk will explore how leading organizations – ranging from Coca-Cola and the Government of Sweden, to the American Red Cross and Goodwill International – are successfully fighting back.

China: Digital Revolution or Revolutionizing Digital? We are living through the digital revolution. No industry, government or community can escape how technology has transformed the way information travels, people communicate and business is conducted. How does this global phenomenon manifest in China? On one hand, the country's language, culture, government and technology ecosystem are vastly different from those of the United States. At the same time, both peoples are grappling with many of the same issues, such as how digital technology can make our lives better despite new distractions, and how to ensure that fast-moving information is trustworthy. Does China represent the future, or is it an unrecognizable, parallel reality? Most importantly, is the global digital revolution changing China, or is China revolutionizing the world's digital landscape?

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