Doug Jones

U.S. Senator (D-AL) 2018-2021, Former U.S. Attorney
Doug Jones in a black blazer, white collard shirt, and light blue tie smiling at the camera
  • Former U.S. Senator (D-AL) who passed more than two dozen bipartisan bills into law and was regarded as one of the most effective legislators
  • The U.S. Attorney who successfully prosecuted the individuals responsible for the 16th Street Church bombing
  • Offers facts-based, down-the-middle analysis on today’s top issues in politics, policy, and society
  • An unapologetic advocate for causes related to civil rights and more competitive elections

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In an eminent career dedicated to public service and built on fighting “impossible” battles, Doug Jones has often been the voice for those who did not have one. He turned the tide in his home state of Alabama when, in 2017, he became the first Democrat from the state to win a U.S. Senate seat in 25 years — making international headlines and shocking the establishment in the process. While on Capitol Hill, he solidified his reputation as a legislative force and consensus builder who played a key role in passing more than two dozen bipartisan bills into law in just three years. During his tenure, he was a member of the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee; the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee; and the Committee on Aging. He also served on the Homeland Security Committee for one year prior to joining the Armed Services Committee. Jones is widely respected for his commitment to common-sense “kitchen table” politics seeking to tackle the toughest issues of the day to drive America forward.

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Jones offers audiences refreshingly candid, middle-of-the-road insights on the issues keeping our nation’s leaders and lawmakers up at night. From education and immigration to criminal justice and national security, he dissects American politics, law, and society in a comprehensible way, while sticking to the facts and letting audience members shape their own opinions on the topic of the day. His anecdotes offer what feels like a front-row seat to some of the most important conversations in recent history, while his analysis helps organizations and individuals understand the impact of specific issues on their businesses and everyday lives.

Along with being the establishment-breaking U.S. Senator from Alabama, Jones is a celebrated prosecutor and former U.S. Attorney appointed by President Bill Clinton who successfully prosecuted the two former Klansmen responsible for the 1963 16th Street Baptist Church bombings that took the lives of four young black girls. Having gone unsolved for almost 40 years, the trial received national attention and earned Jones numerous plaudits as he brought long-overdue justice for the victims of the attack. Prior to his tenures in Congress and as a U.S. Attorney, Jones held roles in private practice law, as an assistant U.S. Attorney, and as staff counsel to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee for Alabama Senator Howell Heflin.

Following the conclusion of his term in the Senate, Jones has regularly shared his political and legal insights on CNN, MSNBC NPR, and a host of other media outlets. He serves as a distinguished senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and counsel at the Washington, D.C.-based law firm ArentFox Schiff, LLP. He has served as a fellow at the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service, a fellow at the University of Chicago Insitute of Politics, a visiting professor at Boston College School of Law, and is active in a variety of political and civic organizations. He is the author of the book, Bending Toward Justice: The Birmingham Church Bombing that Changed the Course of Civil Rights, which provides an unprecedented, behind-the-scenes look at Jones’ landmark prosecution.

In 2022, he was selected by President Joe Biden to be the Nomination Advisor for Legislative Affairs helping to guide the selection, nomination, and successful bipartisan confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Among various awards and achievements, Jones was presented with Jefferson-Hamilton Award for Bipartisanship, the Abraham Lincoln Leadership for America award and the “Spirit of Enterprise Award from the US Commerce, the Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as the Distinguished Service Award from the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and recognitions from the Military Officers Association of America, the National Rural Health Association, and many more.

He has received bipartisan praise from his fellow lawmakers and remains an unapologetic advocate for people over party when it comes to making elections more competitive, energizing grassroots efforts, and upholding the values of our nation.

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The Importance of People over Party

US Sen. Doug Jones: Author, "Bending Toward Justice"

Doug Jones’ Alabama Victory Speech (Full) | NBC News

People Over Party: A Look at What’s Driving American Politics. Having dedicated his career to public service, including being elected to — and serving in — the U.S. Senate (D-AL), Doug Jones is uniquely positioned to speak to the state of American politics today. In this talk, he pairs his insider knowledge with comprehensive and insightful analysis of today’s most-pressing issues in politics, policy, and society, from the rise of hyper-partisanship and the increasing influence of special interests to specific topics in areas such as healthcare, voting rights, immigration, and civil rights. As he addresses the issues that matter most to groups and their organizations, Jones sticks to the facts and pairs his objective insights with engaging anecdotes from his experiences as a U.S. Senator and U.S. Attorney. Overall, he stresses the importance of people over party as we work to create a better America.

Lessons Learned from a Life of Public Service. Doug Jones has been regarded as a changemaker throughout his career in public service — both as leading attorney and establishment-breaking U.S. Senator. Among Jones’ career milestones, he successfully prosecuted the perpetrators responsible for the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombings that took the lives of four young Black girls, became the first Democrat to win an Alabama Senate seat in 25 years, and passed more than two dozen bipartisan bills into law during his tenure in the Senate. Through it all, he solidified his reputation as an effective legislator and consensus builder who never shied away from fighting “impossible” battles.

In this talk, Jones retraces the steps of his distinguished career and offers audiences a front-row seat to some of the most important conversations and moments in recent history that have helped shape America into what it is today. His stories are fascinating, and his lessons on finding common ground, working together to tackle tough issues, and retooling our society for the benefit of people from all walks of life provide food for thought as we contemplate what the future looks like for our nation.

The Keys to Financial and Economic Growth and Opportunity. During his tenure in the U.S. Senate, Doug Jones was a member of various committees, including the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee. With this level of insight, he leads an engaging and informative overview of our country’s current economic and financial landscape, exploring how leaders and decision-makers are approaching the issues at hand, as well as the ways in which policy decisions could potentially impact organizations and individuals in the short- and long-term.

Bending Toward Justice: The Birmingham Church Bombing & Civil Rights in America. Doug Jones has been a vocal advocate for social justice and civil rights for the entirety of his career. As a U.S. attorney, he successfully prosecuted the individuals responsible for the 16th Street Church Bombing in Alabama and brought justice for the four young Black girls who lost their lives in the attack; the case had gone unresolved for decades. In later years, as a U.S. Senator (D-AL), he used his position to pass legislation that provided permanent funding to historically Black colleges and universities and shed light on Civil Rights-era cold cases.

In this talk, Jones recounts his experiences leading the prosecution that served as a key moment in our nation’s long struggle for equality. His vivid, firsthand recollections of the Alabama church bombing case take audiences back in time and to a place where they can see and feel history in the making, and take in the lessons from such a landmark in the fight for equality. As part of this open and honest talk, Jones moves the conversation into the present day to highlight the progress that has been made in civil rights in the years following the case, as well as the challenges that still need to be addressed if we are to create the best possible future for all.

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