Eric Garland

Futurist, Author, and Economic Expert

Eric Garland
  • Founder and Director of Competitive Futures, providing strategic guidance to corporate clients and government agencies
  • Featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, and Business Insider
  • Offers insight on economic trends, geopolitics, society, and market growth strategy

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For nearly two decades, Eric Garland has been trusted for his unique insight and analysis on economic trends, geopolitics, and society. He personally consults executives on market growth strategy, leads transformative educational sessions for organizations, and specializes in keynotes that spark conversations.

Mr. Garland is the founder and Director of Competitive Futures, a competitive analysis firm that provides insight and expert guidance to corporate clients and government agencies. A brief list of not able clients includes Energizer, Coca-Cola, Siemens, the country of France, the City of Charlotte, the state of South Dakota, and the Principality of Monaco, to name a select few.

His latest book is Observations from Upper Mexico is a set of fifty essays containing Eric's brand of irreverent, but accurate, analysis of emerging trends in American life. Other books include, Future Inc: How Businesses Can Anticipate and Profit from What's NEXT, published in English, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian and Persian, and How to Predict the Future... and WIN!!!

In addition to public speaking, and guest broadcast appearances on BBC, AJAM, The History Channel, and RT, Mr. Garland's work as a writer has gone viral several times, and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, and Business Insider, among others.

Eric is also linguist, fluent in a number of languages. His not-so-secret lifelong passion is performing and recording as a professional bassist.

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Speaker Video

2015 Keynote Speaker Reel

Futurist, Intelligence Guy

Transformational Competition: How Great Leaders Turn Uncertainty Into Success. Most of the great businesses have been built in chaotic, uncertain times. This keynote presentation covers the future trends that are changing the world and how competition is changing right along with it. The content is a mix of up-to-date trends about how today’s economy is changing, from consumer demographics to retail trends to macroeconomics, as well as compelling case studies from Apple, Nokia, Budweiser and many others. (Most Requested)

The Next Narrative: Branding in a Fast-Changing World. All brands connect with customers through myth and image. If you want your brand to connect with tomorrow’s customers, it needs to use tomorrow’s, not yesterday’s myths. The future of your brand will be in linking to a new narrative in a changing social and economic order - It will not be one size fits all – so get thinking. 

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