Jane Hyun

Author of Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling and Leadership Toolkit for Asians
  • Former executive at Fortune 500 companies JP Morgan and Deloitte
  • Bestselling author of Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling, advocating for culturally diverse talent development
  • Former research director for The Conference Board’s Cultural Fluency study

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Jane Hyun is an internationally-renowned executive coach and global leadership strategist to Fortune 500 companies, top MBA programs, and non-profit organizations. The co-author of the book, Flex: The New Playbook for Managing Across Differences, she advises senior management teams and diversity councils on building effective multicultural teams and the critical role of the global talent pipeline. She looks at why leaders need to adjust their leadership style for inclusion purposes, how to best manage diverse groups of people, and the problems that arise if you don’t manage diversity.

She is also the author of the groundbreaking book named, Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling, which opened up a critical dialogue for the need for a culturally-grounded talent development approach for organizations. Nearly two decades after the publication of Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling,  global leadership strategist Jane Hyun unveils Leadership Toolkit for Asians – a guide for Asian Americans to build their capacity to lead and influence with a blueprint that is achievable and culturally relevant. Prior to founding her consulting firm, Hyun & Associates, she was a vice president of HR at JP Morgan and a director of recruiting at Deloitte & Touche and Resources Global. Her leadership programs (“Bamboo Ceiling” and “The Art of Cultural Fluency”) have received international acclaim from Fortune 100 companies looking to leverage the cultural capital of their talent pool to win in today’s global marketplace. Hyun has a passion for helping individuals realize their fullest potential in the workplace, community, and marketplace.

Her work in global business and talent development has received international recognition, and she has appeared regularly on top-tier media outlets like CNN, CNBC, NPR, and Marketwatch and in publications like the Wall Street Journal, TIME magazine, Fortune, CEO, and Crains.

Hyun is continually sought after for her expertise in the area of talent management of women and multicultural professionals. Her clients range from small companies to large multinationals in financial services, consumer products, consulting/professional services, technology, retail, nonprofit, and schools who seek to adopt next generation leadership practices.

A graduate of Cornell University with a degree in economics and international studies, she is active with the Cornell Women’s Alumnae Council. She is also an advisor to the Toigo Foundation and the Center for Talent Innovation and a researcher for the Harvard Business Review studies “Leadership in Your Midst,” “The Sponsor Effect,” “The Athena Factor,” and “Off-Ramps and On-Ramps.” She has also led research with the Conference Board Research Working Groups.

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Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling: Unpacking the Asian American Workplace Experience. Hyun shares her personal journey to Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling as well as introduces a framework for managing cultural differences in the workplace. Asian cultural values can be at odds with Western dominant corporate culture on many levels, resulting in a costly gap that individuals and companies need to bridge. Using real-life examples from her research on how Asian culture can be perceived in a dominant corporate culture, author discusses a strategy for developing an authentic leadership style…in a way that does not compromise your core cultural values. She also offers insights into what managers can do to create a fertile environment for their Asian colleagues and employees.

The Art of Cultural Fluency. Today’s connected marketplace and evolving workplace demographic demand more agility to navigate differences in motivations, preferences, and communication patterns. Culture profoundly impacts interpersonal dynamics in your teams, as well as high-stakes relationships you need to build with clients. To succeed, you need to crack the unwritten “code” for understanding cultural differences in business. This new navigational skill will enable you to excel in today’s complex, changing, and multicultural work environment. International bestselling author & executive coach Jane Hyun unpacks the skill of “cultural fluency” and teaches the principles for achieving high performance by bridging differences.

Lessons from Leadership Toolkit for Asians. This event, based on Jane Hyun’s new book, Leadership Toolkit for Asians: The Definitive Guide for Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling expands on her Keynotes: Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling and Flex/The New Playbook for Managing Across Differences. Though Leadership Toolkit for Asians addresses the unique challenges for Asians in the corporate world, its wealth of lessons about authentic leadership are valuable for anyone. This is especially important for multi-cultural audiences, and CEO’s and Heads of HR who want to support their multicultural workforce.

Flex: Strategies for Communicating in a Global Workforce: "Flexing" is the art of switching between communication/cultural styles to more effectively engage people who are different from you. While technology has connected us globally, it has made it more challenging for us to decipher cues and subtle nuances that we encounter daily. Our workplace requires individuals with increased agility who can tap into the diverse needs of their team members, managers, and colleagues. It is a must-have skill that can be developed. In this dynamic keynote, you will see the costs of not managing differences effectively, and more importantly, the rewards gained from “flexing” your approach to obtain better outcomes. These practical principles will inspire you to forge stronger relationships in work and life.


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