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Laura Gassner Otting

Founder & Chief Catalyzing Officer of Limitless Possibility

  • Advises audiences how to get “unstuck”, increase confidence, and achieve extraordinary results
  • Author of the book, Mission Driven: From Profit to Purpose, “definitive guide to careers with purpose”
  • Provides highly customized talks to motivate and empower all to solve questions and do more

Topics & Types
EntrepreneurshipHealth, Happiness, & WellnessInspiration & MotivationPeak PerformanceCEOsAuthorsFemale Speakers

As a professional motivational keynote speaker, Laura Gassner Otting helps innovators, idealists, and iconoclasts get “unstuck” in their thinking, increase confidence, and achieve extraordinary results.

Through Limitless Possibility, Laura collaborates with entrepreneurs and investors to push past the doubt and indecision that consign great ideas to limbo. She delivers strategic thinking, well-honed wisdom, and catalytic perspective informed by decades of navigating change across the start-up, non-profit, political, and philanthropic landscapes. Laura dares listeners to find their voice, and generate the confidence needed to tackle larger-than-life challenges, and ultimately leads them to seek new ways of leading, managing, and mentoring others.

Laura has spoken across the United States and internationally—and her audiences have included universities, companies, conferences, accelerators, a TEDx stage, and a US military base. She customizes her message for each audience in ways that get them to think differently and do more. Laura was one of six featured speakers at TEDxCambridge in the fall of 2016. This premier event celebrates the remarkable innovation, creativity, and inspiration found within New England. In her talk, Laura implored the audience of 2,600 to “Stop Asking ‘How Can I Help?’” and taught them, above all, how to ask a better question: One which empowers us all to finally fix the big problems we face by actually serving the solutions, and not just the problems of our own egos.

Laura’s entrepreneurial edge comes from her extensive 25-year resume. She served as a Presidential Appointee in Bill Clinton’s White House, helping shape AmeriCorps. She left a leadership role at respected non-profit search firm, Isaacson, Miller, to expand the start-up, She also founded and ran the Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group, which partnered with the full gamut of mission driven non-profit executives, from start-up dreamers to scaling social entrepreneurs to global philanthropists. Through her own commitment to give back, Laura has helped build a local Montessori school, co-founded a women’s philanthropic initiative, advised a start-up national women’s PAC, grew a citizen-leadership development program, and completed three charity-inspired marathons—projects emblematic of her passions and values.

She is excited by the audacity of The Big Idea and the larger-than-life goal you just can’t seem to shake. She’s an instigator, a motivator, and a provocateur, and she’s never met a revolution she didn’t like.

Laura is the author of the book, Mission-Driven: From Profit to Purpose, designed for those moving from profit to purpose, has been called the “definitive guide to careers with purpose” and “the bible for non-profit job seekers". Watch for Laura’s upcoming book, Limitless: How to Ignore Everybody, Carve Your Own Path, and Live Your Best Life, which hit shelves in April 2019.

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