Linda Clemons®️

Global Sales and Nonverbal Communications Expert, CEO of Sisterpreneur ® Inc., Corporate Sales Trainer
Linda Clemons Speaker
  • As a body language expert, Linda provides tools and leadership advice in an effort to help organizations improve their sales performance
  • Started her own company, Sisterpreneur ® Inc., which is dedicated to the empowerment and enrichment of female entrepreneurs
  • Linda welcomes the opportunity to provide training and masterclasses to better support and motivate teams from all industries

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Linda Clemons from Indianapolis, Indiana is the CEO of Sisterpreneur® Inc.  Linda is an award-winning and record-setting sales producer as well as one of the top sales trainers in the world in the resort/timeshare industry where clients have generated over two billion in sales.

She is a Body Language Expert trained and certified in Analytic Interviewing and Statement Analysis ™ which is a process used to detect deception.

Her clients and audiences include Southwest Airlines, Coca-Cola, Spanx, Publicis, Nielsen, National Urban League, Nestle, MGM, Major League Baseball, Wells Fargo. Leo Burnett Worldwide, US Customs, FBI, Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham and Starwood.  Her client list includes celebrities, executives, politicians, and entrepreneurs.

Linda has opened for or shared the stage with such notables as Oprah Winfrey, President Obama, Steve Wozniak co-founder of Apple, Dr. Condoleezza Rice and Mary Jo White former SEC Chair. 

Awards to include but not limited to:

  • Office Depot National Entrepreneur Award
  • Women of Wealth Top Mentor Award
  • A listing in the United States Congressional Records for community work.
  • Sagamore of the Wabash the highest civilian award given by the governor in the State of Indiana.
  • Memberships-Rotary International
  • National Board member for the National Congress of Black Women
  • Recognized by President Obama for community work

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Speaker Video

The Power of Nonverbal Communication with Body Language Expert Linda Clemons

Find Your Purpose with Linda Clemons

Why The Human Connection Is So Powerful

The Silent Language of Leaders. Approximately 80% of communication is expressed nonverbally. When you know how to unlock and tap the secrets of people's nonverbal cues, you’ll always have the advantage in any situation. Imagine being armed with this powerful information, you'll be able to sit in a business meeting and know what your colleagues and boss are really thinking and feeling.

Imagine knowing the perfect time to close a deal or negotiation. You'll even learn how your body language influences your boss and how it may affect your impact your promotion and career. In this interactive power pact session, you will discover:

  • The most powerful behaviors that reveal our confidence and true sentiments
  • How the subconscious limbic system drives all body language
  • What the face truly reveals and why it’s the least likely place to gauge a person's true feelings
  • What your feet and handshake reveal about moods and motives
  • What women in leadership should never do with their hands during critical presentations and negotiations
  • How to speed read a room
  • What are the Signs of Deception
  • How to Become a People Magnet
  • Much More!

The Power of Nonverbal Communications 

You Can Sell, Serve, and Soar 

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