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Maya Jaguar

Cultural Innovator, Former Head of Transformation at Google X, Leadership & Transformation Advisor
Maya Jaguar smiling at the camera in front of a blurred background
  • Previously served as Google X's culture and transformation leader, where she spearheaded programs designed to spark growth and foster innovative, high-performance cultures
  • Advises global companies — including Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Nike — on how to unlock the potential within their organizations on the path to exponential growth
  • Leads high-energy, interactive sessions that focus on channeling courage and creativity to arrive at breakthrough results

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Maya Jaguar is a catalyst for cultural change and a sought-after organizational and personal transformation coach who leaders and teams in high-intensity, high-stakes roles look to for guidance on how to inspire, ignite, and grow their businesses. Previously, she held the esteemed role of cultural alchemist and head of transformation at X, the moonshot factory founded by Google’s parent company, Alphabet. At Google X, Jaguar spearheaded growth initiatives and oversaw the people side of innovation. Prior to that, she served as the moonshot’s first Latina head of diversity for a successful five-year tenure. Jaguar’s philosophy is rooted in the wholehearted conviction that unlocking the full potential of individuals is the key to unlocking the full potential of the organization.  

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Jaguar introduces audiences to “The Way of the Jaguar,” which inspires groups to get curious and explore the edge on the path to channeling life-shifting individual and collective breakthroughs that pave the way for business breakthroughs. In high-energy, interactive sessions, she reflects upon her experiences as a leader at (and trusted advisor to) the world’s most recognizable companies to share paradigm-shifting insights for leading in dynamic environments filled with unknowns, mobilizing teams and empowering innovative, high-performance cultures, and harnessing personal growth as a game-changer for business success. Her captivating stories take audiences on a journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional thinking, while the powerful messages she shares spur teams and individuals to look beyond what’s possible and reach for their potential.

Jaguar’s impact at Google precedes her most recent position within the organization at its X moonshot, having previously excelled as the tech juggernaut’s senior diversity manager. In this role, she pioneered Google’s innovative diversity programs. She previously served as director of international marketing at PR Newswire, and manager of ethnic markets for Avon, but her commitment to innovation and transformation extends beyond her corporate roles. She founded her own leadership development training practice, through which, she created and led customized talent development strategies and coaching programs for leading companies, including Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Delta, Pepsico, Time Warner, BET, and Nike. She is also the author of the bestselling book Practical Genius: A 5-Step Plan to Turn Your Talent and Passion into Success, holds a position on the board of directors for the Ketamine Research Foundation, and is an ordained interfaith reverend.

In recognition of her impactful contributions as a culture transformation, innovation, and leadership visionary, Jaguar was appointed chief inspiration officer for Entrepreneurial Barbie by Mattel, Inc. Her achievements were further acknowledged by the National Association of Women’s Business Owners when she was inducted into the organization’s Hall of Fame.

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Speaker Video

Maya Jaguar - Practical Genius at Play: Unleashing Innovation in Your Organization

Leading Cultural Transformation Through Courage and Creativity. In this leadership call to action, Maya Jaguar empowers groups to embrace courage and creativity in today’s fast-paced environment filled with unknowns, while speaking boldly about the future of work, culture and what she calls “the soul of the organization.” As part of this interactive session, she draws upon her previous experience leading transformation and culture at Google and its X moonshot factory to introduce approaches that elevate peak engagement, innovation, and deep cohesion and connection within teams, and position organizations to work through complex challenges and exceed their goals.  

Practical Genius at Play: Unleashing Innovation in Your Organization. Genius is often considered to be a gift — a lightning bolt from the gods that strikes the likes of Einstein and Mozart, but not the rest of us. Not true! Everyone possesses genius that’s waiting to be unleashed. In this high-energy, interactive talk, Jaguar takes participants on a transformative journey that is both inspirational and practical, and illustrates to each audience member how they can identify and harness their unique genius, as well as combine their own strengths with those of their teammates in order to nurture combined genius into tangible results.

From Self-Discovery to Business Triumph: The Power of Personal Breakthroughs. What makes Maya Jaguar’s approach to leadership, innovation, and culture transformation so impactful is the emphasis she places on the interconnected relationship between personal growth and organizational growth. In this compelling keynote, she shares evidence-based insights and examples of why growing as an individual leads to the growth of the team and, in turn, the growth of the business. As Jaguar demonstrates how business transformation begins from within the people that make the organization what it is, she outlines actionable methods for leading with impact, building resilience, enhancing collaboration, and fueling innovation that drives unprecedented success.

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