Nichol Bradford

Futurist and Transformative Tech Pioneer, Founder, & Executive
Speaker Nichol Bradford
  • Nichol’s mission is to empower the health, happiness, and fullest potential of every human by catalyzing new visions, opportunities and wellbeing technologies for all
  • Founder & executive director of global nonprofit Transformative – a global ecosystem dedicated to educating, gathering, and activating wellbeing tech founders, investors, and innovators
  • Former entertainment executive responsible for strategy, operations and marketing for major brands like Disney, Activision Blizzard, and Vivendi
  • Draws on her daily work with AI, sensors, biotech, and other exponential tech to share how to leverage wellbeing, technology, and science to navigate the future of work, society, and human potential

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Working at the intersection of psychology, neuroscience, behavior, technology, and science, Nichol Bradford’s mission is to empower human transformation and wellbeing by catalyzing new visions, opportunities, and tech-enabled tools for all. She ignites new ways to use technology to expand beyond our perceived limits and reach our fullest potential through her global non-profit Transformative, working with talented researchers, founders, and investors across the globe who build tech for human health and happiness that will redefine wellbeing for the next decade.

According to Bradford, “Anywhere there’s exponential tech, there’s a path to enhance human wellbeing.” Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, she speaks extensively on human transformation, transformative tech, and the future of health, work, and human excellence. Weaving wellbeing, technology, and science into practical possibilities for us all, she lays out how we can successfully navigate the future of work and society with our humanity intact. Using real-life examples and use cases from the latest trends in wellness technologies, Bradford demonstrates to groups how these emerging advances can be applied to heal, upskill, and enhance human capability and benefit all of mankind.

Bradford co-founded and built Transformative, a global ecosystem dedicated to educating, gathering, and activating wellbeing tech founders, investors, and innovators – with members in 72 countries and 450 cities and events that attract more than 1,000 attendees. The largest and most respected authority on welltech, Transformative Tech helps founders leveraging exponential tech for mental and emotional wellbeing, social and emotional wellness, and human potential and performance find feedback and funding, and helps investors find the best wellbeing tech founders and companies for their needs. As executive director, Bradford helps corporate innovators understand and apply these powerful tools to their businesses, as well as curates the Transformative Tech Conference – a leading event at the intersection of tech and wellbeing.

Prior to becoming a leader in transformative technology, Bradford served as a senior interactive entertainment executive responsible for strategy, operations, and marketing for major brands that include: Activision Blizzard, Disney, and Vivendi. In her role, she operated World of Warcraft and all of Blizzard Entertainment’s properties in China as well as held a key role on the Vivendi Games team responsible for the Activision-Blizzard merger – an $18B deal and an industry defining event. Bradford was also the CEO and founder of Willow Group, providing accessible and effective technologies to elevate psychological wellbeing.

Bradford is a lecturer at Stanford University, a graduate of Singularity University’s Global Solutions program, has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, and a BBA in Marketing from the University of Houston. She is a board trustee of the California Institute of Integral Studies, a fellow of the British American Project, served on the board of the Brandon Marshall Foundation for Mental Health, and is a former term member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Bradford is also a novelist and has written The Sisterhood, a work of transformative Afro-futuristic fiction.

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Fostering Endless Innovation

Transtech: Transformative Technology with Nichol Bradford

Digital Transformation: Interview Nichol Bradford, Transformative Technology Lab @ Sofia University

Humanity's Greatest Challenges Aren't Technical – They're Human | Nichol Bradford

Nichol Bradford in dialogue with Sharad Khare

See the Future with Vision

Becoming Deep Human in the Exponential Age: Technology, Trends and the Human Factor. We are at a unique point in human history where our technologies can exponentially improve and disrupt our societies, especially in the foundation sectors of information, food, energy, transportation, and materials.  At the same time, we are faced with more stress, disengagement, and anxiety than ever. On the surface, it appears that technology is a big part of the problem. But what if the opposite were true? 

In an uplifting look forward that flips the narrative, Nichol Bradford looks at the exponential tech, economic, and social-cultural trends driving the development of a new class of transformative technologies capable of unlocking extraordinary levels of human potential by supporting health, happiness, and positive change.  You’ll hear a technology talk anchored in human biology, desires and needs, that shows how the merger of technology and transformation will amplify human intelligence, unlock our individual and collective potential, and usher in a brighter future.  Prepare to find your curiosity and optimism again.

Key Take-Away: Exponential tech is here to stay. Understand how to leverage it to amplify your team’s potential.

Endless Innovation: Leveraging Wellbeing to Create and Disrupt. There has never been a more exciting time to be an innovator. The world has been turned upside down, and our needs and priorities have shifted. Now is the time to advance human wellbeing. Will you flourish or become disrupted by the change? According to futurist and transformative tech expert Nichol Bradford, wellness, and wellbeing tech—tech that helps us get healthier, smarter, and happier—will be one of our most powerful tools.  

 Creativity, originality, and authenticity are needed now more than ever. As technology advances and reshapes our world, and as our understanding of wellbeing and humanism evolves, Nichol will help groups dig into the meaning of human wellness and technology and outline how you and your organization can adapt and thrive in this new era of wellbeing. Prepare to re-prioritize your health and happiness as a means to innovation.

Key Take-Away: Digital transformation requires human transformation. Understand how to capture both.

The Betterverse:  Building a Human Centered Metaverse. The coming of the metaverse, where we will play, work and eventually live much of our lives, inspires excitement and fear at the same time—and for good reason.  Currently dominated by video games, the metaverse will ultimately revolutionize everything from education to retail, and the stakes are high for companies, brands, and society to get it right.  The first task for leveraging any new technology is to understand it.  Your guide, Nichol Bradford, operated the largest branch of one of the world’s most beloved video games, World of Warcraft China, took part in a merger which reshaped the Western video game landscape, and has worked on record-breaking in-game events in Fortnite, the cultural phenomena.

In this sweeping talk, Nichol shares a working definition of the metaverse that you can use, alongside the technical and social building blocks required, the key players, and popular business models.  With that foundation in place, Nichol gives a stirring case for how the metaverse, as a tool of transformation, can become an amplifier of human intelligence for companies facing continued digitization.  In a world where human intelligence may soon lag artificial intelligence, this talk presents a path towards enhancing human cognition that you can benefit from today.  You’ll hear the six main ways to “Get the Metaverse Wrong,” hear novel ideas and a human-centered point of view, and begin to think about this technology very differently. Expect to feel briefed and ready to be creative.

Key Take-Away: Define and leverage the Metaverse without leaving your humanity behind. 

Create the Future with Practical Leadership

Love and the Crucible: Leadership, Connection and Curiosity in Challenging Times. That the economy is slowing down is a fact, but how you choose to use this time, to shape your company and yourself, is a choice. Over the next two years, you can come from fear – and run yourself and your team from panic, adrenaline, and cortisol alone.  Or you can learn growth practices that give you both the curiosity to innovate and the discipline to survive.  

This experiential workshop is about learning how to come from love – and grow, plan, layoff, merge, or pivot from a place that unlocks you and your team’s optimal path. Learn tools and discover technologies to help develop your inner executive athleticism and become the kind of leader you always dreamt you’d be. Crucibles break rocks and polish diamonds. Be a Diamond.

Key Take-Away: Learn how to shift from fear to curiosity during difficult times.

  • “I did not have a chance to catch you after your breakout session, but I did want to tell you that the exercise you facilitated with us was genuinely one of the most engaging, challenging, centering activities I have ever done at this kind of event. The three days were filled with amazing activities, but that one has really stuck with me.” - Event attendee
  • “We had amazing feedback! Your session was one of the highlights that people have stated. I just wish we could have done it with everyone.” - Event organizer

Leadership, Technology and Ethics in an Exponential World. Technology has the potential to help shift the mindsets of billions, but it comes with risks and challenges.  At its best, human potential tech can help humans heal, grow and expand their minds, resulting in whole and healthy humans capable of building a bright future throughout the world.  It can also savage privacy, drive anxiety generating hypervigilance, and reduce the ineffable to “data.”  

We have arrived at a pivotal moment in the development of technology. Recognizing that the tech we build is a reflection of ourselves, we must develop as people while we design. Explore the present and future relationships between technology, humanity, and the search for happiness & flourishing. Learn the core questions, concerns, ethical considerations, and implications of technologies that shape human culture and consciousness.  Outline a personal development plan to ensure that your personal capacity matches the power of your creations.

Key Take-Away:  Learn design considerations for products and yourself when building human potential technologies.

Boosted:  Amplifying Human Intelligence and Performance in the Exponential Age. Human cognition is much more than we’ve been taught.  Our minds extend into our bodies, spaces and networks.  The human senses allow our brains to perceive and communicate with the world in ways that are under-leveraged by existing technology.  Embodied and extended cognition will help us to “catch-up” our minds and embedded pro-social behaviors to counteract, and then solve, our current existential crises.  

In a stunning presentation, packed with exercises and insights, learn how sensory enrichment and sensory technology can be used to understand, amplify, personalize, and optimize our biology and improve human intelligence, wellbeing, and interpersonal relations.  Nichol Bradford shares her deep understanding of how sensory enrichment can be used to awaken our minds, reconnect with ourselves and one another, support our mental health, and boost emotional intelligence.  Understand how to create a team and an environment that ignites creativity while modulating stimulation for flow.

Key Take-Away: Expand your definition of cognition. Learn to leverage sensory tech and flow to enhance your performance. 

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