Nichol Bradford

Futurist and Transformative Tech Pioneer, Founder, & Executive

Speaker Nichol Bradford
  • Nichol’s mission is to empower the health, happiness, and fullest potential of every human by catalyzing new visions, opportunities and wellbeing technologies for all
  • Founder & executive director of global nonprofit Transformative – a global ecosystem dedicated to educating, gathering, and activating wellbeing tech founders, investors, and innovators
  • Former entertainment executive responsible for strategy, operations and marketing for major brands like Disney, Activision Blizzard, and Vivendi
  • Draws on her daily work with AI, sensors, biotech, and other exponential tech to share how to leverage wellbeing, technology, and science to navigate the future of work, society, and human potential

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Working at the intersection of psychology, neuroscience, behavior, technology, and science, Nichol Bradford’s mission is to empower human transformation and wellbeing by catalyzing new visions, opportunities, and tech-enabled tools for all. She ignites new ways to use technology to expand beyond our perceived limits and reach our fullest potential through her global non-profit Transformative, working with talented researchers, founders, and investors across the globe who build tech for human health and happiness that will redefine wellbeing for the next decade.

According to Bradford, “Anywhere there’s exponential tech, there’s a path to enhance human wellbeing.” Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, she speaks extensively on human transformation, transformative tech, and the future of health, work, and human excellence. Weaving wellbeing, technology, and science into practical possibilities for us all, she lays out how we can successfully navigate the future of work and society with our humanity intact. Using real-life examples and use cases from the latest trends in wellness technologies, Bradford demonstrates to groups how these emerging advances can be applied to heal, upskill, and enhance human capability and benefit all of mankind.

Bradford co-founded and built Transformative, a global ecosystem dedicated to educating, gathering, and activating wellbeing tech founders, investors, and innovators – with members in 72 countries and 450 cities and events that attract more than 1,000 attendees. The largest and most respected authority on welltech, Transformative Tech helps founders leveraging exponential tech for mental and emotional wellbeing, social and emotional wellness, and human potential and performance find feedback and funding, and helps investors find the best wellbeing tech founders and companies for their needs. As executive director, Bradford helps corporate innovators understand and apply these powerful tools to their businesses, as well as curates the Transformative Tech Conference – a leading event at the intersection of tech and wellbeing.

Prior to becoming a leader in transformative technology, Bradford served as a senior interactive entertainment executive responsible for strategy, operations, and marketing for major brands that include: Activision Blizzard, Disney, and Vivendi. In her role, she operated World of Warcraft and all of Blizzard Entertainment’s properties in China as well as held a key role on the Vivendi Games team responsible for the Activision-Blizzard merger – an $18B deal and an industry defining event. Bradford was also the CEO and founder of Willow Group, providing accessible and effective technologies to elevate psychological wellbeing.

Bradford is a lecturer at Stanford University, a graduate of Singularity University’s Global Solutions program, has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, and a BBA in Marketing from the University of Houston. She is a board trustee of the California Institute of Integral Studies, a fellow of the British American Project, served on the board of the Brandon Marshall Foundation for Mental Health, and is a former term member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Bradford is also a novelist and has written The Sisterhood, a work of transformative Afro-futuristic fiction.

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Transtech: Transformative Technology with Nichol Bradford

Digital Transformation: Interview Nichol Bradford, Transformative Technology Lab @ Sofia University

Humanity's Greatest Challenges Aren't Technical – They're Human | Nichol Bradford

Nichol Bradford in dialogue with Sharad Khare

Future of Work, Society, and the Human Mind. When we think about our minds, our emotions and our ability to connect with one another, we don’t typically think about technology. But we should. The future of the human mind is in fact an exponential technology story.

Nichol Bradford is fascinated by human potential and technology. In this talk, she lays out how we can successfully navigate the future of work and society with our humanity intact. By harnessing technology to assist us in putting out the fires of the human mind, getting the skills in place for social and emotional health, and unlocking the bonus levels of human cognition, she shares with audiences how we can successfully usher in an unprecedented era of human and business growth.

Reframing Wellbeing & Igniting a Renaissance in the New Reality. There has never been a more exciting time to be an innovator. The world was turned upside down – creating a new world filled with new needs, and shaping industries with new priorities. Now is the time to advance human wellbeing. Will you flourish or become a victim of change?

According to futurist and transformative tech expert Nichol Bradford, wellness and wellbeing tech will be one of the new era’s most obvious changes. In this talk, she’ll share how leaders, organizations, and entrepreneurs will face a completely changed and advanced landscape where creativity, originality, and authenticity are needed now more than ever. As technology advances and plays a critical role in reshaping our world, and as our understanding of wellbeing and humanism evolves, she’ll help groups dig into the meaning of human wellness and technology and outline how you and your organization can adapt to thrive in this new era of wellbeing.

Transformative Tech – Market, Opportunity, and Players. As co-founder and executive director at Transformative Tech, Nichol Bradford works with talented researchers, founders, and investors globally who build technology for human health and happiness. Every day she sees AI, sensors, biotech, and other exponential technologies applied to the great opportunity of the human mind, and even curates the leading event at the intersection of tech and wellbeing.

In this talk, Bradford give an overview of the transformative tech market, and the major trends that are driving growth in the industry. From spaces and places where we can use our environment to transform ourselves and our wellbeing and using technology to reach superhuman status to the rise in haptics (tech that simulates the senses of touch and motion) and other advanced tools that can enhance our connected experiences, emotional intimacy, and support to combat today’s loneliness crisis, Bradford will outline the opportunities in exponential technology today, and prepare groups for what’s coming next.

Leadership in an Exponential World. Co-founder and executive director of the global non-profit Transformative, Nichol Bradford understands how to lead in an ever-changing world. A leader at the forefront of exponential technologies, she shares how to harness the power of these evolving tools and effectively lead your teams and organization to success. Audiences will walk away prepared to take on the transformative trends in business now and in the future, and use technology to drive ourselves and others to expand beyond our perceived limits and reach our full potential.

Investing in Innovation and Transformation Through Tech. In her role at Transformative Tech, Nichol Bradford helps connect investors with the best wellbeing tech founders and companies, while also helping corporate innovators understand and apply these powerful tools. Witnessing first-hand the innovations leading tech today, Bradford speaks from experience and advises audiences on how to take advantage of emerging tech trends to effectively drive transformation at any organization. Demonstrating the ability of transformative technologies to upskill and enhance human capability, she’ll share the most effective strategies to spark innovative thinking and new ideas, as well as the advancements on the horizon that will help groups stay ahead and positioned for growth.

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