Meggie Palmer

Confidence Expert; Entrepreneur; Founder & CEO, PepTalkHer
Meggie Palmer Speaker
  • Combined her entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for inclusion and equity to accelerate change and create more diverse and inclusive workplaces for all
  • Teaches the world’s top brands proven tactics and strategies for bridging equity and confidence gaps on the path to high performance and success
  • Inspires audiences with actionable insights and tools for powering progress for organizations and individuals

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A leader and confidence creator who is driving change in the workplace and creating more equitable and inclusive workplaces for all, Meggie Palmer is on a mission to help organizations in every industry recruit, retain, and develop top talent from diverse backgrounds through PepTalkHer, the consultancy she founded and leads as CEO. What began as a side hustle for Palmer has evolved into a thriving global business and movement with a strong community of 60,000 aspirational professionals from all walks of life who are breaking glass ceilings and leading organizations into the future.

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Palmer is a master relationship-builder who leads high-energy, interactive keynotes on fostering more inclusive organizations for women and underrepresented groups, diversifying leadership, and the keys to success in the workplace. She informs and surprises audiences with expert insights on driving change through technology, the confidence gap that can affect all groups in the workplace, imposter syndrome, and the other challenges that stand in the way of teams and individuals performing to their potential. An expert at engaging the room and setting a fun mood while addressing important topics, she leaves audiences with tangible learnings they can apply in the real world.  

Inspired by her own experiences with inequality and lack of inclusion throughout her career, Palmer first founded PepTalkHer in 2017 as a means to guiding organizations on their paths to achieving corporate diversity and helping individuals supercharge their careers. Through the company, she runs corporate programming for Fortune 500 companies and leading brands, including Salesforce, JP Morgan, and LinkedIn — providing in-house frameworks for organizations to be more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. She also oversaw the launch of the PepTalkHer career success management app at a Vogue event in 2019.

Prior to PepTalkHer, Palmer served as VP of business development and content partnerships for The Financial Times, where she worked with Barclays, IBM, and other top companies to create high-impact content for C-suite executives. Before that, she was an award-winning journalist and foreign affairs correspondent for BBC World, CNBC, and SBS Dateline. She has traveled the world interviewing world leaders and iconic public figures — from Bashar Al Assad in his Palace in Syria to Brad Pitt on the red carpet. Her films won New York Festival TV & Film awards, UN Media Awards, a Walkley award, and a Logie nomination.

In addition to being a Tory Burch Fellow and the recipient of a grant from Sara Blakely’s Spanx Foundation, Palmer serves on several boards and is a passionate angel investor with special focus on tech businesses and teams with a female or underrepresented founder. She also lectures at Columbia University and Barnard College on negotiation and confidence, and is featured regularly in NBC, Vogue, and other leading media outlets. 

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Speaker Video

Meggie Palmer: Unleashing Confidence and Mastering Imposter Syndrome

How to Develop Diverse Talent | #MakeChange | Salesforce

Backstage interview at Vogue Codes 2019 in Sydney | Vogue Codes | Vogue Australia

Embrace Equity: Creating a Workplace for All. Equity is a must for any team looking to reach its full potential. It means creating workplaces that are fair and equal and where anyone from any background can contribute and succeed, including women. As a workplace change agent, confidence expert, tech entrepreneur, and award-winning journalist Meggie Palmer is dedicated to fostering spaces that are diverse, inclusive, and equitable for women and people from all walks of life. She’s refreshingly honest and thought-provoking as she encourages audience members to look inward and reflect on whether they could play a greater role when it comes to being an ally and champion for traditionally marginalized groups in the workplace. Drawing from data and real-life examples, Palmer demonstrates the ways in which teams that prioritize equity outperform those that overlook it, and shares practical steps for how organizations can begin to implement more intentionally equitable strategies for recruiting, developing, and retaining talent.

Mind the Gap: Using Technology to Drive Change. As part of her mission to help organizations recruit, retain, and develop diverse talent, entrepreneur and confidence expert Meggie Palmer aims to address the other gaps that are hindering the advancement of underrepresented and marginalized groups, including opportunity, socio-economic background, race and ethnicity, and education. Drawing from her own experiences working her way to becoming a widely recognized, leading journalist — yet still facing inequality wherever she turned, Palmer explores these gaps and their impact on the success of organizations and individuals. As the creator of the free PepTalkHer app, she shares tangible resources anyone can use to intentionally power their own progress on the way to meeting their goals, and offers real-life success stories of the tens of thousands of people who have applied her insights to their careers and leveraged the tools she shares to level up in the workplace, negotiate to match their worth, and play their role in helping to close the gap.

The Art of Confidence. In her mission to close the cultural and achievement gaps that exist in the workplace, PepTalkHer founder Meggie Palmer has discovered yet another gap that stands in the way for many people on the path to success: the confidence gap. In this talk, Palmer identifies the circumstances leading to crushed confidence for individuals in the workplace and how they result in teams falling short of reaching their potential and meeting their business objectives if left unaddressed. Exhibiting the perfect dose of candor and high-energy to engage and inspire the audience, Palmer paints a picture of what it means to be truly confident and outlines an actionable framework that people can instantly begin to apply in order to master the art of confidence, achieve beyond their potential, and lead their teams to success.

The Keys to Equitable Leadership. The business world continues to evolve and organizational leadership must adapt in order to be successful. The businesses best positioned to innovate, disrupt, and meet their objectives now and in the future are the ones that foster equitable spaces for every person to share new ideas and contribute directly to the success of the organization. As the founder and CEO of PepTalkHer, the company that helps organizations recruit, retain, and develop top talent and create workplaces where team members from diverse backgrounds are empowered to thrive, Meggie Palmer brings an inventive new approach for how leaders can successfully ingrain diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organizations from the top down, and in alignment with their mission. In a reflective, high-energy session, she provides practical strategies for tapping into unending empathy, cultivating trust, and leveraging each person’s unique strengths to unite teams around a shared purpose and dominate their industries.

From Imposter Syndrome to Success. At its worst, a lack of confidence can devolve into full-fledged “imposter syndrome” — the feeling that you are inadequate and even fraudulent despite evident success. When imposter syndrome takes over, praise and accolades go unrecognized and, instead, individuals focus on the self-doubt that persists within their frame of mind. As a confidence creator who understands the root causes of imposter syndrome and how to move past it, Meggie Palmer helps groups reframe their mindsets, leave their doubts behind, and put their best selves forward. An infectiously positive presence on stage, Palmer presents a blueprint for tackling imposter syndrome in order to elevate workplace happiness and wellness and create an unbreakable foundation for higher performance.

Negotiation Mastery: Know Your Worth. On a mission to close all the gaps that prevent individuals from leveling up in their careers, journalist-turned-entrepreneur Meggie Palmer shares valuable tips for anyone looking to negotiate in the workplace. In this talk, Palmer motivates audience members to recognize their value and shares tactics for recording their wins, approaching negotiations with confidence, stating their ask, and arriving at an outcome that is beneficial to all parties.

You Are the Story You Tell. Hone Your Headline. Part of becoming the most confident and best version of yourself is to write the story of your professional and personal lives with intent and not let others do it for you. In this invigorating talk, entrepreneur and confidence expert Meggie Palmer demonstrates the positive mindset shift that occurs when you hone your headline and write yourself as the hero of your story. Palmer offers important lessons for shaping your narrative while creating value for yourself and others.

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