Milt Lowder

Founder and CEO, Amplos, Renowned Sport Psychologist
Milt Lowder in front of a light grey background
  • Founder and CEO of Amplos and Sport Psychologist at Clemson University
  • Performance psychologist and trusted advisor, empowering individuals, teams, and organizations for peak performance
  • Applies valuable insights from working with College Football Playoff Champions to strengthen teams, develop mental toughness, and transform leaders

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Dr. Lowder is a performance psychologist and serves as a partner at AMPLOS. Dr. Lowder completed his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Organizational Development from the University of Kentucky. Dr. Lowder builds trusting relationships with individuals, teams, and organizations to maximize their performance in all aspects of their lives. He helps his clients develop and implement practical strategies to create the best version of themselves. Dr. Lowder serves as the Sport Psychologist for the Clemson University Athletic Department, where he works with student-athletes, teams, and coaches to improve their performance and to assist them as they deal with the pressures of college athletics and life. Dr. Lowder is married with three children and lives in Greenville, SC. He enjoys spending quality time with his family, playing and attending sporting events, and the outdoors. 


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Championship Lessons. 

Reaching the summit of the college football mountain has never been more difficult as the arms race has driven programs to invest heavily in hopes of raising the trophy. In the midst of this competitive world, we’ve had a seat at the table of four of the last seven College Football Playoff Champions as consulting sport psychologists with Georgia (2021, 2022) and Clemson (2016, 2018) Football. We’ve helped design the psychological and cultural architecture of these respective programs and walked alongside the head coaches as they’ve navigated the limitless complexities of leading champions. In this discussion, we share our many lessons learned about what it takes to become a champion.  

Forging an Elite Mindset. 

In the ever-changing and competitive marketplace, forward thinking organizations are searching high and low in an effort to gain an edge. Look no further than the controllable variable of mindset. In this dynamic learning opportunity, participants will be challenged to enhance their mental skills by examining a case study focused on an extreme test of the human will. Topics covered will include adapting to trials, marginal gains, and embracing risk. Participants will emerge with a concrete blueprint for taking the next step with their mindset. 

Grit / Mental Toughness. 

When it comes to adversity we will face in life, the question is “when?” not “if?” High level performers differentiate themselves from the rest by being able to persevere and execute through times of trial. How do they do it? What foundation do they draw from? What is their blueprint for sustaining success despite the circumstances? This keynote unpacks the concept of GRIT, examines notable case examples, and then breaks down the pathway people must follow in order to possess mental toughness in their lives. 

Traits of Elite Teams.  

The concept of team originated long ago, and yet creating an elite team remains an elusive goal to many. What differentiates the best from the rest? In this keynote, we will dive deep on the DNA of the world’s best teams. We will examine how they think about culture, how they interact, and how they think about performance. Regardless of one’s role in the organization, all can draw both insight and application from this discussion. 

Leaders Worth Following.  

As the old adage goes, “If you are leading and no one is following, you are probably just out for a walk.” Why are some leaders followed and others are not? What are the traits and characteristics of leaders worth following? In this discussion, we will offer the framework leaders need to understand in order to truly lead their teams well. Attendees will be challenged to drill down on their personal leadership philosophies and emerge with a clear understanding of how to move forward to lead their teams to new heights. 

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