Nina Easton

Author & Columnist, TV Commentator, Former Washington Editor and Fortune Global Forum Co-Chair; CEO of SellersEaston Media and Co-Founder of JOURNEY
Nina Easton
  • Primetime TV news analyst for over a dozen years
  • Decades of experience interviewing and working with top leaders, including CEOs and heads of state.
  • Global stage experience speaking, interviewing, and moderating, as well as emceeing multi-day events.
  • Former chair of Fortune Most Powerful Women International and Co-Founder of JOURNEY, advancing women leaders.

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One of the world’s leading interviewers, Nina Easton helps CEOs, global leaders, and cultural icons communicate their vision and stories on stage. With deep economic and political sophistication, she engages speakers and audiences to produce far-sighted conversations on how to navigate today’s hyper-speed, disruptive landscape. Her broad portfolio crosses business sectors–from finance and insurance to high-tech and energy–as well as U.S. and geopolitics. 

As a veteran leader of Fortune live events, Nina Easton understands how disrupters are surging toward today’s businesses at lightning speed and force. The survivors–and thrivers–will be those organizations that ground themselves in human-centered purpose. As co-founder of the prominent storytelling firm SellersEaston Media, Nina deploys unparalleled interview and narrative skills on-stage (and behind the stage) to help executives shape and communicate vision and mission. As master of ceremonies, moderator, and pre-event adviser, she helps deliver a program that engages and inspires audiences to embrace the change their leaders envision. 

An accomplished political historian and award-winning former Fortune magazine columnist, Nina co-chairs the Fortune Global Forum, bringing CEOs from around the world together, and chairs Fortune Most Powerful Women International, staging events in Asia, Canada, Europe, and the U.S. She has emceed and moderated events for Fortune 1000 companies and industry associations, including SAP, Accenture, Microsoft, the US Chamber of Commerce, the American Council on Life Insurers, and many others.

Nina spent 15 years as a leading political analyst, appearing on such shows as Meet the PressFace the Nation, and Fox News Sunday. She spent more than a decade as a member of Fox News’ prime-time “All Star” panel, providing analysis on presidential administrations, Congress, national elections, the global economy, and foreign policy. At the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), she founded and hosts the program Smart Women Smart Power, bringing diplomats and global leaders to the stage for insightful interviews. 

In 2019, Nina Easton and Pattie Sellers launched a SiriusXM radio show, “Making a Leader,” bringing top-name figures on-air in pairs to discuss what it takes to lead in today’s complicated business and media world. 

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Speaker Video

No Great Leader Was Born on Top. From the greats of Hollywood (Meryl Streep, Bette Davis, Tom Hanks) to CEO disrupters (Jeff Bezos, Meg Whitman) to transformative political figures (Barack Obama, Christine Lagarde), Nina Easton has interviewed the most interesting and dynamic people of our times. Her storytelling firm, SellersEaston Media, chronicles personal journeys of leadership and impact, and the SiriusXM show she co-hosts, "Making a Leader," mines the sources of extraordinary success. In this talk, Nina Easton shares with audiences the three decades of wisdom, insights, and advice she has collected from pioneers and world changers, providing an entertaining and enlightening tour of the top ranks of contemporary leadership.

American Political Trends: Explained. For more than a decade, when the election returns rolled in, Nina Easton was on-air to explain. She has covered scores of political conventions and elections on prime-time TV, providing analysis as the news unfolded. Her critically acclaimed book Gang of Five: Leaders at the Center of the Conservative Ascendancy ranks on the Vox list of “books to read to understand the world. In addition to being a member of the “all-star panel” on FOX News Special Report and FOX News Sunday, Easton has provided political commentary on NBC’s Meet the Press, CBS’s Face the Nation, ABC’s This Week, and many more. Her Fortune columns and in-depth features for both Fortune and The Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine have garnered numerous top awards. During the 2004 presidential race, she co-authored a biography of Democratic nominee John Kerry and, as The Boston Globe’s deputy bureau chief in Washington, helped shape that paper’s political coverage. In 2012, she was appointed a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, where she taught a seminar on the U.S. economy and that year’s presidential election, interviewing top speakers from both sides of the aisle.

What Matters Now: An Overview of the Most Pressing Issues of The Day.
A captivating speaker and regular TV news contributor, Easton runs through three major headlines of the day to paint a broad picture of the current state of the American experience. With intellectual depth and TV polish, she covers politics and the global economy to explain how we got here and where we’re going.

In addition to being a member of the “all-star panel” on FOX News' Special Report and FOX News Sunday, Easton has provided political commentary on NBC’s Meet the Press, CBS’ Face the Nation, ABC’s This Week, and more. Her Fortune magazine columns and in-depth features for both Fortune magazine and the Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine have garnered numerous top awards.

Accomplished Moderator & Emcee.
As co-chair of Fortune's Most Powerful Women International and Global Forum conferences, Easton has traveled the globe interviewing the world’s leading CEOs, entrepreneurs, and politicians including former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and former Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta. She regularly emcees multi-day conferences in the US, Europe, and Asia for Fortune and for leading industry associations, working to bring high-level insights and dynamic conversations to eager audiences. With decades experience as a journalist, author, and scholar, she has mastered a wide range of topics she is able to draw on, working with clients to create a flawlessly-executed panel or fireside chat.

Smart Women, Smart Power.
In addition to her prominent role with Fortune, Easton hosts the “Smart Women, Smart Power” podcast series at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), where she regularly facilitates powerful conversations on a range of issues between leading women around the globe. Whether it’s hosting a gathering for 45 female ambassadors or interviewing Samantha Power or Melinda Gates, Easton knows women are economic and social engines of change and works to bring awareness to women’s issues globally. Having addressed the Nobel Peace Prize Forum and others on the topic, she shows why investment in girls’ education is the highest-return investment available in the developing world, how women are a “force for prosperity,” and what needs to be done to elevate women globally. 

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