Steve Gresham

Financial Services Executive, Revenue Catalyst, and Innovation Driver Focused on Rethinking Retirement
  • Leverages track record of leading the fourfold increase in the size of Fidelity, the largest retirement company in the world, to pursue his ultimate passion of improving our ‘Next Chapter.’ Steve serves as managing principal of Next Chapter- an industry think tank dedicated to better "retirement" for the benefit of consumers, advisors, and financial companies.
  • Steve can be found out front leading industry focus and positive disruption against a national crisis of retirement and longevity unpreparedness.
  • CEO of The Execution Project which provides valuable resources such as consulting services to meet the needs of the retiring age wave.
  • The best audiences include all financial services, health care, real estate, and government organizations that serve consumers.

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Steve Gresham is on a mission to make our longevity simpler and easier and more rewarding. For more than forty years Steve has been a guide to understanding the challenges of aging and a leader in capturing the opportunities. He has served as a retirement advisor, industry executive and consultant with some of the world’s largest financial companies, including the individual clients of Fidelity Investments, the industry’s leading retirement organization. He has also been a champion for aging issues in both public policy and academics serving on the faculty of Brown University and has authored five books for advisors about providing better retirement outcomes. He now leads a national leadership community called Next Chapter, alongside leaders of 60+ companies dedicated to better retirement outcomes, and he is a senior educational advisor to the Alliance for Lifetime Income, a Washington, DC based not-for-profit organization focused on retirement security.

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Steve Gresham Presentation

Aging – No Place to Hide

Aging is the most pervasive topic of our time. Even though climate change may have more overall impact on our planet, aging provides more regular reminders – intrusive reminders – of its existence. Aging is biological, it is familial, it is societal, it is financial, it is industrial, it is governmental.

From the first painful step out bed in the morning (and maybe a bit later these days than just a few years ago), any one of 76 million Baby Boomers (born 1946-64) can start a list – Evidence of the Impact of Aging. Most of them are worried about an aging parent or two and many are actual caregivers, especially if they are women. The Boomers with jobs face increasingly difficult conditions with inadequate training, some outright prejudice against older people and the anxiety of a fulfilled life after working. Boomers in company leadership roles are navigating a hybrid workplace, variable attention and presence of younger workers. Outside of work, healthcare is changing. Technology is filling in gaps left by lack of human availability, not just in healthcare. Planning for retirement is complex with few solid answers to many simple questions like, “How much money will I need?”.  

Every person, every family, every organization needs to consider the impact of aging. Exploring those impacts and making preparations is a universal need of companies, associations – audiences of all kinds. What are WE doing?

Steve Gresham’s style is thoughtful and engaging – and provocative. He studies his client organizations, queries the leadership and tailors his content and tone to the audience. He wants to know what they are thinking now, what they are most concerned about, how they can take positive steps forward right away – and how they will remember this session. He travels naturally from customers to the C-suite – and back again – in his work as an industry executive and now industry community leader. There is humor as appropriate!

He has worked with industries and companies and associations and unions of all kinds over the years. Aging is a conversation about preparation – for you, your family, your company, your community. It will be everywhere. So, what will be the impact on you?

  • Financial services organizations of any kind
  • Healthcare organizations or associations
  • Consumer groups of any kind
  • Organizations serving consumers

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