Scott Moore

Expert on Building and Leading “No-Fail” Teams and United States Navy SEAL Rear Admiral (ret.)
Scott Moore
  • Former commander of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group
  • Oversaw over 2,000 SEAL missions across the globe
  • Stories of teamwork in life-and-death circumstances and insights on recruiting, training, and equipping teams that exceed expectations

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Having served 30 years as a SEAL leader, retired Rear Admiral Scott Moore is a master in organizational leadership and teambuilding. He served in every leadership position in the SEAL teams, including the former commander of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, and closed out his career as the number two leader in the entire SEAL organization. He led the military’s elite forces through more than 2,000 of our nation’s most extreme, high-stakes missions and was deployed on SEAL team operations across the globe. He understands the importance of leadership and cohesiveness like few others can, and his experience runs the gamut from leading small groups to large-scale tactical planning. From the mountains of Afghanistan to briefings in the Oval Office, Moore is the man our leaders trusted when failure was not an option.

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Moore shares what it takes to lead high-performing teams. Believing that the art of leadership is empowering an organization’s ground-level employees to drive solutions and results, he focuses on how to tailor leadership to different groups, build truly cohesive teams, and develop real trust – the ultimate key to success. What makes the Navy SEALs so effective is also what makes them difficult to lead, and Moore offers a practical framework for leadership that works and shows audiences how to apply his insights to their own organizations with military precision. Larger than life, his presentations are a hard-hitting look into what makes the SEAL teams effective, told through exciting and entertaining stories that leave audiences on the edges of their seats.

Battle-Won Wisdom. Moore led SEAL teams during the marquee moments of our nation’s history – like Just Cause (Panama), Bosnia, and post-9/11. He was the commander of a Joint Special Operations Task Force conducting more than 2,000 high-risk raids against key enemy leaders in Afghanistan. Additionally, he commanded several critical, no-fail hostage rescue operations, including the mission to save Captain Richard Phillips from Somali pirates.

Since commanding DEVGRU, Moore held increasingly complex leadership roles. He served as the director of counter-terrorism at the National Security Council and the deputy director for special operations at the Pentagon. There he reported to Admiral Mike Mullen, then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and was his primary counter-terrorism advisor. Moore then spent a year as the deputy commander at the Office of Defense Representative Pakistan, where he was one of the senior officers interfacing with the Pakistani military. He put his invaluable strategic leadership experience to work in dealing with constantly shifting allegiances and allies who do not necessarily share the same priorities as the U.S. Most recently, Moore served as the deputy commander of Naval Special Warfare, where he recruited, trained, equipped, and deployed our nation’s most elite.

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Scott Moore Speaking Reel

Navy SEAL Scott Moore on Leadership

Navy SEAL Scott Moore on Teamwork

Scott Moore on Leadership & Teambuilding

Scott Moore on Building “No-Fail” Teams

Leading No Fail Teams. Rear Admiral Scott Moore offers audiences a once in a lifetime glimpse into the mind of the man whose uncanny operational skill and invaluable leadership experience make him one of the few who knows what it takes to both create and lead the world’s most high-performing teams. He shares stories of teamwork when quick decisions mean life or death and insights on how to recruit, train, and equip teams that exceed expectations. He focuses on how to transform individuals into a cohesive team, how to select talent that complements each other’s strengths and compensates for their weaknesses, and the qualities to look for in team members and leaders. Larger than life, he knows how to get things done and how to build a team that achieves objectives when failure is not an option, and he shares stories about the three most important factors affecting teams – leadership, trust, and peak performance. His insights and nail-biting stories are from some of the marquee moments of our nation’s geopolitical history, and they make his adrenaline-pumping, edge-of-your-seat presentation an instant audience favorite.

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