Diverse Voices on Today's Top Political Issues

Diverse Voices in Politics

As we look to understand the current political landscape and set our sights on upcoming elections, these diverse voices in politics share their expert insights on current issues impacting the polls. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the talented keynote speakers we work with who provide audiences with the enriching information they need to get up to speed on today’s top issues and view politics and policy from diverse perspectives.


Jonathan Capehart

Jonathan CapehartPulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist, Associate Editor for the Washington Post, and Television Personality

Jonathan Capehart provides a unique perspective on the intersection of social and cultural issues and politics. In his talks, he discusses the news of the day, cultural shifts happening domestically and globally, and the issues that matter now and will matter for years to come. | Click to learn more



Ana Navarro

Ana Navarro Political Contributor to CNN and Telemundo, and Co-Host of ABC’s The View

Ana Navarro is regarded as a sought-after adviser for any presidential hopeful. She deftly analyzes the current political landscape with her signature no-holds-barred candor, while also sharing the perspective of the Hispanic voter and highlighting what organizations need to understand about this demographic’s interests. | Click to learn more


April Ryan

April Ryan, Longest-Serving African American Female White House Correspondent in History, White House Correspondent for TheGrio, and CNN Political Analyst

April Ryan is a trailblazing political journalist who brings the often-overlooked dynamic of underrepresented groups to the forefront of the conversation as she provides nonpartisan analysis on transformative issues in politics and the news of the day. | Click to learn more



Victoria DeFrancesco Soto

Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, Political Analyst, Social Scientist, and Academic Leader

Victoria DeFrancesco Soto is widely recognized for her expertise in campaigns and elections, immigration, Latinos, women, racial and ethnic minority politics, and political psychology. Tapping into her social science research and on-the-ground political realities, she provides a unique, outside-the-Beltway analysis of today’s real-world issues. | Click to learn more


Geoff Bennett

Geoff Bennett, PBS NewsHour Chief Washington Correspondent & Weekend Anchor

Geoff Bennett is effortlessly charismatic as he brings his nationally recognized, in-depth analysis of politics and public affairs from the TV screen to live audiences and blends straight facts with nonpartisan color commentary to dissect today’s hot topics from inside the White House and Congress. | Click to learn more

Nathan Gonzales

Nathan Gonzales, Editor & Publisher of Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales and Election Analyst for CQ Roll Call

Nathan Gonzales is a nonpartisan analyst regularly seen in major media outlets, he draws from his interviews with leading political figures and uses historical information trends, demographics, economic data, and entertaining stories and analogies to break down the current political landscape and share what audiences need to know about races they didn’t even know about. | Click to learn more




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