Elizabeth Gore Driving Innovation for Dell

Professional headshot of Elizabeth Gore

We wanted to check in and tell you about top Dell executive Elizabeth Gore. She recently visited our office to talk about her work at Dell—she is the company’s “entrepreneur-in-residence,” meaning it’s her job to pull new, innovative ideas out of Dell employees, as well as to advocate for policies that make it easier for entrepreneurs and “intra-preneurs” alike. We're wondering if she could be a good fit for your group this year.

Dell is one of the most innovative companies in the tech space—they just announced this pilot project to use recycled ocean plastics packaging, an industry first. Elizabeth is at the forefront of it all, making her one of the tech industry’s prominent women leaders.

Elizabeth also formerly worked for the UN Foundation alongside Ted Turner, and managed partnerships for the UN with Bill and Melinda Gates. She’s able to talk about corporate social responsibility and building a purpose-driven culture as well.

Elizabeth is incredibly down-to-earth and funny (she was named one of People magazine’s “100 Extraordinary Women”), making her presentations lively and interactive. She also has experts at Dell at her disposal who can mine data to research trends in any industry Elizabeth is asked to speak about, making each speech highly-customized.

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