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We are often asked about entrepreneurial speakers and increasingly there is interest to hear from female entrepreneurs, so we have assembled a helpful list of the most in-demand and entrepreneurial female keynote speakers who fit the bill. 

These fierce female business leaders and visionaries possess many different and unique positive traits but the one common characteristic that each of these individuals possesses strong entrepreneurial spirit. This is not something that can be taught, but rather it develops in the individuals who demonstrate a true passion for building something great from nothing and they are willing to push themselves to the limits to achieve big goals.


  • Angie Bastian, Founder of BoomChickaPop
  • Chitra Anand, Former Head of Communications at Microsoft Canada
  • Charlotte Pearce, CEO & Founder of Inkpact
  • Deborah Rosado Shaw, Former Senior Vice President, Chief Global Diversity & Engagement Officer of PepsiCo
  • Sheryl Connelly, Manager of Global Trends & Futuring at Ford Motor Company
  • Alexandra DepledgeFounder of & Former CEO of
  • Angelica Malin, Founder & Editor-In-Chief at About Time Magazine
  • Bettina Warburg, Founder of Animal Ventures and Blockchain Researcher & Entrepreneur
  • Clara Shih, CEO & Founder of Hearsay Labs, Author of The Facebook Era, & Member of Starbucks Board of Directors
  • Kate AncketillInnovation Expert and Founder & CEO Of GDR Creative Intelligence
  • Laila Ali, Boxing Champion, Elite Athlete, Fitness & Nutrition Expert, TV Host, & Beauty & Lifestyle Brand CEO
  • Sarah Robb O’HaganCEO Of Flywheel Sports, Former President Of Gatorade, & Former GM At Nike
  • Elizabeth GoreEntrepreneur-in-Residence at Dell & One of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business”
  • Lauren DeLisa ColemanDigi-Cultural Trend Analyst and Contributor to MSNBC, Forbes, & Inc.
  • Jenny Radcliffe, People Hacker & Social Engineer

Keep reading to learn more about each of these fabulous female entrepreneurial geniuses and click on the links below to browse through each of their individual speaker profile pages and find out more about their speaking topics and expertise.


Founder of BoomChickaPop

Entrepreneur, co-founder and namesake of Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP, Angie Bastian took a kernel of an idea and popped it into one of the fastest growing brands of natural popcorn. She founded the snack company out of her Minnesota garage in 2001, and it’s now one of the fastest-growing and most-successful popcorn brands in the market. Bastian talks honestly about what it takes to differentiate a product and make a powerful connection with the consumer. Speaking from experience, Bastian also talks about changes in the retail space, why authenticity matters, and how to weigh big marketing, sales, and branding decisions. | Read more about Angie Bastian. 


Former Head of Communications at Microsoft Canada

Chitra Anand is an award-winning communications and marketing executive as well as an acclaimed intrepreneurialism expert. With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, she has spent time as the head of communications for Microsoft Canada, director of marketing at TELUS Corporation, and director of operations at Open Text. She has keynoted several events, AGM’s, and conferences where her talks reveal how to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship within organisations, how to stay on the cutting edge of market trends, technology, and consumer behaviour. Chitra has been named as a “bridge builder” for women in tech by the A-list—a yearly publication that features 50 prominent Indo-Canadians who through various career and community efforts have helped foster relations between Canada and India. | Read more about Chitra Anand.


CEO & Founder of Inkpact

Charlotte Pearce is a multi-award winning tech entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of Inkpact. Inkpact is an innovative technology platform that allows brands to embed thoughtfulness into their marketing strategies at scale. The app allows email campaigns to be transcribed by hand, into beautiful handwritten letters with the help of a community of freelance creatives. Named ‘one to watch’ by Richard Branson and named to the Forbes “30 Under 30,” she discusses bridging the gap between humans and technology and how new tech can be used to create remarkable experiences for customers and stronger customer bonds. | Read more about Charlotte Pearce.


Former SVP, Chief Global Diversity & Engagement Officer of PepsiCo

Raised in the nation’s poorest congressional district, Deborah Rosado Shaw’s strategies for success formed a bridge from tough inner-city beginning to award-winning entrepreneur and advisor to Fortune 500 companies and national organizations. She served as the senior Vice President, Chief Global Diversity and Engagement Officer of PepsiCo and built a multi-million dollar company that made the “Top 50 Hispanic Women-Owned Companies” list. Coined a “Visionary Powerbroker” by Hispanic Trends Magazine, Shaw serves on the PepsiCo Ethnic Advisory Board where she is the External Co-Chair of the Procurement Committee providing strategic advice for a $1.4 billion dollar budget with minority and women-owned enterprises. She advises multi-billion dollar private equity firms and is the Founder and Chair of the Dream Big Foundation. Her remarkable trajectory from inner city beginnings to some of the most esteemed boardrooms in the world has been recognized with numerous prestigious awards and honors, including the SBA sponsored "Women of Enterprise Award", the Students in Free Enterprise "America's Free Enterprise Legend Award," the “Hispanic Businesswoman of the Year” by the National Hispanic Business Group, the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award by the National Foundation of Women Legislators, “, and the “Entrepreneurial Excellence Award” from Dialogue on Diversity. Additionally, Hispanic Business Magazine named Shaw one of "80 Elite Women Leaders" and Hispanic Magazine has several times listed her as one of the "100 Most Successful Latinas in the US". In 2004, she joined the ranks of Billie Jean King and Madeline Albright as a recipient of the “Office Depot Visionary Award.” Deb is a highly-successful entrepreneur who built and sold a multi-million dollar international merchandising company. Over a twenty year period, she groomed her business know-how designing, negotiating, and closing deals with some of the smartest buyers in the world, including Costco, Toys-R-Us, Walmart, and The Walt Disney Company. | Read more about Deborah Shaw.


Manager of Global Trends & Futuring at Ford Motor Company

Sheryl Connelly has served as the in-house futurist for Ford Motor Company for over a decade. In this role, she identifies and analyzes global consumer trends to aide in the discussion of long-term planning and strategy across the entire company, including design, product development, and corporate strategy and help anticipate and predict the needs and desires of consumers. | Read more about Sheryl Connelly. 


Founder of & Former CEO of

Alexandra Depledge is an entrepreneur and businesswoman and the co-founder and former CEO of With a direct and refreshingly ‘non-techy’ approach, Alex helps audiences adopt a startup mentality. She also looks at areas like branding (whether a brand should be comfy, stretchy, or scary), how to scale up a business without losing the culture that made it special, and how to respond to customer needs. Alex considers what her experience can tell anyone seeking to be an entrepreneur or adopt a startup mentality. She also looks at areas like branding (whether a brand should be comfy, stretchy or scary), how to scale up a business without losing the culture that made it special, and how to respond to customer needs. She has become an active voice within the UK tech sector and has received numerous rewards and recognition for her expertise. TechCity Insider named her “Entrepreneur of the Year” and she’s chaired the Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec). She was also a founding member of the sharing economy trade body SEUK, contributed to the government’s independent review into the sharing economy, and worked with Department of Trade and Investment to identify the next top UK start-ups.| Read more about Alexandra Depledge.


Founder & Editor-In-Chief at About Time Magazine

Angelica Malin is the founder and editor-in-chief of About Time magazine, an inspiring young entrepreneur, social media influencer, and event host. In order to capitalize on the digital boom, Angelica launched her magazine and lifestyle website about all things London, as well as her social following straight out of university. Boasting an enormous social following, she has amassed 85,000 monthly users in 180 countries worldwide, and continues to grow her audience. Angelica has been listed as one of the top 23 female entrepreneurs under 30 by ELLE magazine, top young entrepreneurs in the UK by, and has been featured in ELLE magazine, The Evening Standard, and The Guardian for her work at About Time. She has also written for national publications, most recently for The TelegraphNorwegian Airlines Magazine, and the Jewish Chronicle. A seasoned professional, she speaks to the entrepreneurial spirit needed to make an impact plus how to get ahead by breaking the mold and talks about building new initiatives from the ground-up, creating a network and online community, and how to use social media to enhance branding. | Read more about Angelica Malin.


Co-Founder of Animal Ventures and Blockchain Researcher & Entrepreneur

Bettina Warburg is co-founder of Animal Ventures, a venture studio and consultancy focused on building start-ups, educating executives, and designing comprehensive strategies to help large companies, governments, and SMEs take advantage some of the most advanced technology companies coming to market. Animal Ventures focuses on tech companies operating in verticals such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and Augmented Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and digital platforms. Bettina is a thought leader in the emerging blockchain space and leads the blockchain practice at Animal Ventures, including research, development, and commercialization across the ecosystem of blockchain innovation. She partners her network with governments and members of the Fortune 500 to help drive the global commercialization and integration of blockchain technology. | Read more about Bettina Warburg.


CEO & Founder of Hearsay Labs, Author of The Facebook Era, & Member of Starbucks Board of Directors

Named one of Fortune’s “Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs” and Fast Company’s “Most Influential People in Technology,” Clara Shih is credited with launching the first business app on Facebook and “kickstarting the social business applications movement.” Clara, a pioneer in the social media industry, is the CEO and founder of Hearsay Social, a leading software company which develops social CRM applications to empower the world’s largest companies to build stronger customer relationships, grow revenue, and bolster their brands across social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, among other social media sites. She talks about using technology to enhance relationships, sales, marketing, and more. Clara has also received several awards for her achievements and accomplishments over the years, including being named one of Businessweek’s "Top Young Entrepreneurs," CNN Money’s “40 Under 40: Ones to Watch,” Fortune's "40 Under 40", and Ad Age's "40 Under 40," among many others. She has also received recognition as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. | Read more about Clara Shih. 


Innovation Expert and Founder & CEO Of GDR Creative Intelligence

Kate Ancketill is the brains and driving force behind GDR Creative Intelligence, a globally-recognised consultancy focused on innovation and emerging trends in retail, leisure, and hospitality around the world. She has worked with an impressive roster of major global brands, including Microsoft, P&G, InterContinental Hotels, Hilton, LVMH, McDonald’s, Capital One, Macy’s, Chanel, Estee Lauder, and Sephora. In eye-opening, informative, and inspirational multi-media presentations, Ancketill shares insights on the technological, human, and spatial innovations that will change the face of retail and hospitality over the next two to five years. She uses carefully selected case studies to illustrate how new technologies and consumer behaviours will impact physical and digital commerce globally; case studies discovered by GDR’s expert research team, or drawn from her global network—honed over 22 years—of leading engineers, programmers, designers, architects, marketers, scientists, academics, and other specialist practitioners. | Read more about Kate Ancketill. 


World-Class Athlete, Fitness & Nutrition Expert, TV Host, & Beauty & Lifestyle Brand CEO

Laila Ali is a world-class athlete, fitness and nutrition expert, TV host, cooking enthusiast, founder and CEO of the Laila Ali Lifestyle Brand, wife, and mother of two. She motivates young women to find their strength, spirit, and power from within and uses her life experiences as examples of how to achieve success through courage, passion, and a positive mindset. | Read more about Laila Ali.


Former CEO Of Flywheel Sports, Former President Of Gatorade, & Former GM At Nike

Sarah Robb O’Hagan is the former CEO of Flywheel Sports, the former president of Gatorade, and a former GM at Nike. She's also author of the best-selling book, Extreme You: Step Up. Stand Out. Kick Ass. Repeat. She speaks candidly about the value of “failing forward,” chronicling failures in her own life to illustrate the importance of perseverance. She also walks audiences through becoming the most “extreme” versions of themselves in order to capitalize on their successes, and how to bring out the “extreme” in those around them. | Read more about Sarah Robb O’Hagan.


Former Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Dell & One of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business”

Elizabeth Gore is an executive at Dell where she focuses on breeding a culture of internal innovation. She does this with innovative company-wide initiatives and by advocating for policies that make it easier for entrepreneurs and “intra-preneurs.” Elizabeth also uses a team of experts at Dell to mine data to research trends in any industry she is asked to speak about, making each speech highly-customized. Named to People magazine’s list of “100 Extraordinary Women,” and named one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business,” she boldly talks about being the first woman in her family to go to college. Her speeches include insights from the intersection of entrepreneurship, government, technology, and business. | Read more about Elizabeth Gore.


Digi-Cultural Trend Analyst, MSNBC Commentator, Forbes Contributor, & Inc. Columnist

A successful digi-cultural trend analyst, author, speaker, consultant, and digital entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience working for notables from Snoop Dogg and Jay Z to Microsoft executives, Lauren DeLisa Coleman, is an expert at deciphering and forecasting power trends and public sentiment within the intersection of popular culture and emerging tech and the impact of such on business and governance. She helps brands and politicos understand how to create messaging that better resonates with today’s tech-savvy, pop culture millennials consumers/constituents by providing forecast and analysis on cultural trends, attitudes, and behavior as it all intersects with emerging tech usage. | Read more about Lauren DeLisa Coleman.


People Hacker & Social Engineer

Jenny Radcliffe is a “People Hacker”—or a mix of shrewd behavioral scientist, master negotiator and actor. Known for talking her way into high-security banks and even the Tower of London, Jenny is a world-renowned coach, consultant, and speaker who is a top choice for meetings focused on social intelligence, culture, sales, negotiation, and interpersonal relationships. Jenny links the many psychological skills of the social engineer (non-verbal communications, lie detection, pre-texting/acting, and emotional intelligence, etc.) to building a confident persona in business and in life. Her presentations are always interactive and she strives to provide practical and lighthearted advice for growing confidence by becoming your own social engineer. In keynote talks, she focuses on how to empower and motivate the workforce into being the first line of defense against hackers and fraudsters, through awareness and engagement via education on social engineering and the “human element” of security. | Read more about Jenny Radcliffe.

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