John Ondrasik: How To Spark Innovation


Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter John Ondrasik is often better known as his stage name, “Five For Fighting.” John talked to our audience at the Inspire 2019 Conference in DC about the inspiration for his greatest hits like “100 Years” and “Superman,” plus his advice for getting out of a rut.

John is an incredible storyteller who weaves life lessons in between turns at the piano. You could hear a pin drop in the room as he serenaded our audience of meeting planners with songs they all sang along to.

Here is what he had to say about persevering through a slump and what to do to find inspiration when it feels like you’re “stuck”:


If you feel like all of your ideas are going nowhere, go somewhere. John says that changing the paradigm, traveling, and gaining a new perspective are key to inspiration. Our environment shapes our creativity, so staying in the same place for extended periods of time leads to the same ideas over and over again.


Sometimes all you have to do to have that breakthrough “Aha!” moment, is to focus on something else. If you’re sitting at your desk, pounding your head against the screen, try putting the project aside and working on something else for a while. You never know what conversation or article could spark your next great idea.


In music, John has found that the sum is always greater than the parts. Life and business are the same way. There is a healthy competition in a dynamic when you are collaborating with those around you—you each push the other to be better. Don’t be afraid to pursue new opinions and work with those around you to find a breakthrough.


It’s easy to feel that we know a topic or subject best. And managers often find themselves in a position of listening to themselves talk, rather than listening to others. But opening yourself up to really listen to those around you will do wonders for the way you see the world.

For more with John, watch our behind-the-scenes video with him from Inspire below:


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