Tech Experts on Keeping Pace with Innovation

When it comes to technology, there is something new all the time. Here are two speakers who break down the rapid pace of change and help you figure out what to pay attention to, what to ignore, and what to incorporate into your business: 

Salim Ismail

  • Executive Director of Singularity University and former VP at Yahoo!
  • Best-selling author of Exponential Organizations—highest-rated Amazon business book and P&G required reading—which outlines a roadmap for scaling 10x faster
  • Talks explain why “if you aren’t disrupting your business or industry, someone else is,” and showcase a tailored action plan for growth using five internal and five external strategies

Shawn DuBravac

  • Senior director of research for the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)—the association behind the highly-anticipated annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
  • Speeches are fun and gadget-filled but also really get you to rethink current business models and debate important questions (i.e. What experimental technologies will be relevant in 5-7 years?)
  • Talks are highly customizable; a recent talk with an insurance company went through the possible risks and rewards of driverless cars

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