Beau Lotto

Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur, and Author of Deviate
Beau Lotto
  • Founder & CEO of Lab of Misfits, the world’s first neuro-design studio, and Ripple, which holds several highly influential patents in Augmented Reality (AR)
  • 3-time main stage TED speaker with over 9,000,000 views
  • A world-renowned expert in the science of perception that that helps people act differently in the face of change

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According to Dr. Beau Lotto, “Once you understand how perception works, you can't but help see yourself in the world in a different way and engage in it in a different way.” Renowned neuroscientist and entrepreneur, Beau Lotto, has spent decades studying the way we see—and in his three-time mainstage TED talks with over 7 million views, he shows us how to see differently. As Lotto puts it, "the brain never sees the world as it actually is, only the world that is useful to see." By illuminating these principles of perception, Lotto helps companies overcome biases, embrace uncertainty, transform their approach to creativity, and unlock innovation.

Lotto is the founder and CEO of The Lab of Misfits, the world’s first neuro-design studio that seeks to “break down the walls of the traditional laboratory” and study humans in their natural habitats. Part lab, part creative studio, Lab of Misfits takes a disruptive approach to research, partnering with brands to blend science, art and performance to explore pivotal principles in current culture. Their "experiential experiments" invite consumers to engage with brands and offer brands science-backed insights that foster innovation. The measurable insights gleaned from these experiments have led to organizational breakthroughs for clients as diverse as Cirque du Soleil (awe and wonder), L’Oréal (empowerment), The Charles Koch Institute (tolerance), BCW Public Relations (insight), and The London Science Museum (curiosity).

Lotto is a professor of neuroscience at the University of London, and a visiting scholar at New York University. He is the author of Why We See What We Do, and Deviate: The Science of Seeing Differently, which explores the surprising science of creativity and unveils the unexpected relationship between perception, reality and innovation. In addition to his role at The Lab of Misfits, Lotto is the Founder and CEO of the sound-based AR company Acoustigram.

Lotto spoken at large-scale events such as the G8 Innovation Conference, as well as for companies like WIRED and Google. He has contributed to television and radio documentaries produced by influential media such as the BBC, National Geographic, Netflix, and PBS.

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About Beau

The Power of Diversity

Uncertainty & Change

Seeing Differently



How can we adapt and thrive in times when the ground beneath us is shifting? We begin by questioning the beliefs and assumptions that drive every single one of our actions, decisions, and behaviors. The idea is to find solutions to questions that haven’t been asked yet. Learning to maintain a healthy dose of doubt about what we perceive – keeping our assumptions in check – is crucial. In this completely original, game-changing presentation, neuroscientist Beau Lotto, known worldwide for his groundbreaking work on the subject, uses hard science to open minds and help audiences see the world and themselves differently. His engaging use of images and videos will have people shaking their heads in disbelief – unable to reconcile what they’re seeing with what they thought to be true. Beau’s stunning, interactive, fun presentation will equip people to challenge their own assumptions and beliefs and come away better able to innovate, collaborate, lead, and adapt to new realities. This presentation is an ideal conference kick-off – providing powerful, positive, creative context that sets a tone for the content and collaboration that follow.


In a more intimate format designed for leadership teams, departments, and smaller groups, Beau Lotto shows leaders how to create a framework to lead others into uncertainty. Anything interesting begins with doubt – with not knowing. Learn to celebrate that uncertainty, ask questions, search and discover – the foundation of all progress and breakthroughs. Science can teach participants how to lead better and create an environment that fosters creativity and innovation by understanding the role of perception in every aspect of their lives. Beau provides the group dozens of new ways to think differently about their challenges and successfully innovate, adapt, and build effective teams.


The science of perception is at the root of bias and conflict. Since any new experience is viewed through the lens of past experience, we are all inherently biased. Those perceptions drive everything we say and do. Being aware of that bias allows us to open our eyes and minds – to see the world differently. When conflicts arise, our perceptual awareness helps us approach it with a goal of seeking to understand the other person vs. trying to persuade them to our point of view. Trying to change someone’s mind only encourages them to dig in and harden their beliefs. Seeking understanding leads to opportunity, innovation,  outcomes. Greater understanding leads them to change their own mind.


A brand that delights its audience while creating insight into an essential human value is more creative, has more loyal customers, and generates lasting, authentic impact in the world. Beau Lotto’s presentation is based on work that his neuro-design studio Lab of Misfits has been doing for years, which is helping brands deepen their authenticity by enabling and measuring the impact of their purpose in the world. Beau will explain how to unpack the keys to creating customized, immersive brand experiences that will evolve your brand to build genuine and long-lasting relationships with your key audiences.

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