Raul “Danny” Vargas

President & Founder of VARCom Solutions, LLC
Speaker Raul "Danny" Vargas
  • Political activist who served as a Chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly
  • Frequent appearances on major news outlets including CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, PBS, and NPR
  • Inspires audiences with his rags to riches story of overcoming adversity in the slum of Brooklyn
  • Discusses the future of the GOP amidst the demographic shift happening in America

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Raul “Danny” Vargas is a noted business and community leader, accomplished media commentator, and marketing/public relations professional. A product of the mean streets of New York City, he has created opportunities, overcome challenges and beaten the odds all his life. He has made a mark not only in business but in the community, as well. Danny is a proud US Air Force intelligence veteran, serving seven years on active duty.

Danny is the founder and president of VARCom Solutions, a nationally-recognized, award-winning marketing communications, technology and management consulting firm based in the Washington, DC area. He is a regular media commentator in both English and Spanish, appearing on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Univision, Telemundo, and many more and has penned op-eds for The Wall Street Journal, NBC, and others.

A proven corporate executive, Danny was an executive at AOL, France Telecom, Global One, and Raytheon. He was appointed by Virginia’s Governor to chair the Virginia Board of Workforce Development to ensure the future economic vitality of the commonwealth. He served as Chairman of the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce—becoming the first Hispanic to chair a mainstream chamber in Virginia historyand sits on the board of the Northern Virginia Chamber.

Active in politics and the community, he was a candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates, was one of the top races in 2015 and was endorsed by The Washington Post where they called him “one of the region’s more impressive first-time candidates for the House of Delegates in recent memory.” He was appointed by Congress to a commission studying the creation of an American Latino Museum within the Smithsonian Institution and chairs a nonprofit group advancing this museum effort and has served on boards of various other nonprofit groups. He was the National Chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, advised several RNC Chairs, and multiple Presidential, Gubernatorial, Senate, and House campaigns. He serves on a commission to study and promote economic opportunities for struggling families in Virginia.

Danny has advocated for commonsense solutions for a variety of important causes—workforce development, veterans support, economic development, health IT, and more. A sought-after public speaker, Vargas is committed to keeping his community and our nation vibrant, thriving, and strong.

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From Slums To Success: The DOORS To Overcoming Adversity. It’s what’s inside that makes the difference. Raised in the slums of Brooklyn, NY living in squalor and relying on welfare in a broken home, Vargas has had to overcome adversity all his life. From eating ice cubes for dinner as a child to climbing the corporate ladder to the executive ranks, he brings a perspective on the personal traits and characteristics that provide an edge in dealing with challenges and achieving success. He discusses how these factors make the real difference in our daily lives.

Saving The GOP (From Itself). As the former National Chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly and advisor/surrogate to numerous campaigns (presidential, gubernatorial, senatorial, etc.), Danny has traveled across the country engaging voters of all types and candidates at all levels. A life-long Republican, Danny feels the Party is losing its way as evidenced by too many examples of disappointing defeats and if things don’t turn around, he fears the demise of the GOP within a generation. The good news is that it can be turned around and based on his experience; Danny believes he has some of the answers. He analyzes the reasons for recent losses and lays out a path forward where Republicans can once again win electoral landslides at the national level the way Ronald Reagan did.

The Radical Middle In Politics. Poll after poll shows that the majority of Americans describe themselves as Moderates and the fastest growing political affiliation is Independent. This doesn’t mean that these political centrists don’t have strong views on the issues of the day, but it does mean that the two major parties have to rethink how they approach the Americans that live in the middle lane of the mainstream. As a national political analyst, activist, strategist, commentator, Danny has seen first-hand how campaigns succeed or fail based on how they are perceived by the radical middle. Learn from Danny’s experience and expertise on how to understand, engage, and embrace the portion of the electorate no one can do without.

Connecting With Hispanic Markets. The largest ethnic group in the country, successful Hispanic market engagement can make the difference between winning and losing for businesses, political campaigns, agencies, and organizations. A noted national leader in the Hispanic community and a renowned marketing executive, Danny lets you in on the best tips to reach this coveted demographic as well as little known ways to understand the uniqueness of this vital market segment.

Messaging That Matters. A messaging master, Danny explains the power of effective messaging and demystifies the process of developing messaging that matters. From understanding your target audience to positioning your brand, Danny will help you find your organization’s mojo.

Blending Small & Big Business Principles. Danny has been a successful executive a multi-billion dollar, multi-national, Fortune 500 corporations and he’s also been an entrepreneur starting his own small business. He’s also helped lead and turn around chambers of commerce by focusing on what matters most to both small and large businesses. What he’s found is that there are many ways for small organizations to learn big ones, and vice versa. Take advantage of Danny’s unique perspective to find out how to combine big business acumen with small business zeal.

The Servant Leader. What makes a successful leader? One who is able to inspire an organization to perform at its maximum potential. There are lots of great examples of successful leaders, but there is one common trait many of them share—the sense that their job is to serve. A successful executive and leader in business, politics and community service, Danny shares his innovative concept to make good leaders into great leaders.

Moderator. Danny has delighted, entertained and informed many audiences as a moderator for panel discussions, political debates, and more. His ability to see topics and speakers from the audience’s perspective enables him to keep things lively and accessible. Danny’s varied background make him an ideal moderator for a variety of situations and his media expertise provides him a keen ability to ask insightful and thought provoking questions. Danny makes panels and debates meaningful and memorable.

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