Steven Van Belleghem

Best-Selling Author, Professor, Expert on the Future of Marketing and Customer Relationships
Steven Van Belleghem
  • Author of multiple international bestselling books including his latest, ‘‘The Offer You Can’t Refuse”
  • Entrepreneur and co-founder of inspiration agency Nexxworks and social media agency Snackbytes
  • Shares how to win the hearts and business of customers over and over again by combining of common sense, new technologies, empathy and social responsibility

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Steven Van Belleghem is an international keynote speaker. These past years Steven has given more than 1,000 presentations at events in over 40 countries. His core expertise is the future of customer centricity. The combination between customer-centric thinking, the latest technologies and the human touch is the guiding principle in Steven’s stories.

Steven is an entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of inspiration agency Nexxworks and social media agency Snackbytes. As an investor he is also involved in the fast-growing digital agency Intracto and AI scale-up Hello Customer. Finally, Steven is also on the board of directors of Plan International. In addition to his entrepreneurial activities Steven is also a part-time marketing professor at the Vlerick Business School.

Steven has authored four international bestsellers and has sold more than 120,000 books. His work has been translated into seven languages and he is the recipient of a variety of awards (most innovative marketing book, best marketing book, best international business book).

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Speaker Video

The future of customer experience: keynote compilation of 2019 / by Steven Van Belleghem

Steven Van Belleghem: The Tech Dominated World

Steven Van Belleghem: Customer Experience in a Digital World

Customer Experience in the Age of AI Platforms. We are at the beginning of a new S-Curve, the AI S-Curve, that is set to change the way we live and work, forever. Artificial Intelligence is just getting started, so the key question for all companies is: what will the second half of the curve look like?

In this presentation, Steven explores some fascinating scenarios that will shape the future of branding, go-to-market strategies, ethics and innovation. How will an ‘always-on’ personal assistant transform your daily life? How will changing customer behaviour disrupt your business? Take a journey to the Day After Tomorrow and see how some of the latest emerging technologies will change the world.

Customers The Day After Tomorrow. Winning customers in a world of artificial intelligence (AI), bots, and automation. We are entering the third phase of digitisation where artificial intelligence (AI) will raise the bar in terms of customer experience. Customer experience is evolving from a mobile-first to an AI-first business. For customers this is the start of the most exciting phase ever. They will enjoy benefits like hyper-personalization, faster than real-time customer service and the most user-friendly interfaces ever seen. In his new keynote talk, Steven describes how to invest in the customer experience of the day after tomorrow. The keynote expounds on three key investment areas: Consumer science, automated interfaces, and intelligence augmented. As always, Steven’s enthusiastic delivery illustrates the journey with a variety of real-life cases and new management models.

When Digital Becomes Human. This talk is about the transformation of customer relationships. There is an urgent need for an extreme transformation of the customer relationship. Customers live in a world of self-service, big data, customer automation, and the integration of the online and offline world. Failing to implement the digital relationship puts your company’s future on the line. A successful digital transformation is key, but it will not be enough. Due to the digital evolution, your customer relations need to change on a human level, as well. The key challenges in this regard are both numerous and interesting: Finding a balance in the relationship between man and machine, outlining the role of the human touch, and using the power to connect people with people to maximum advantage. Steven guides you through his famous story, ’When digital becomes human’. It’s a narrative about the combination of the digital and the human transformation in your customer strategy. This story takes you on a journey to the future. It is provocative, exciting, and scary at the same time. Enjoy this amazing ride!

The Offer You Cannot Refuse. In the next decade, we will see three forces sharping new customer expectations: (1) general purpose technologies like AI, Robotics, 5G and Quantum Computing, (2) the personal dreams, bucket lists and challenges of each individual consumer and (3) the macro challenges the world is facing.

In this keynote, Steven uses a model to fulfill the needs of the 2030 consumer by creating an offer they can’t refuse. The bottom of the model is of course a great product/service. But consumers need more. It’s about installing invisible, automated interfaces. Making their life easier than ever before. Next to that, it is about becoming a facilitator in the daily life of your customer. Help them to achieve THEIR purpose. Finally, it is about finding ways to solve world problems TOGETHER with your customer. The combination of these efforts leads to an offer people can’t refuse.

This story brings together many hot topics like the impact of new technologies and sustainability.

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