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Tim Alberta

Chief Political Correspondent for POLITICO

  • Expert on Washington’s inner workings, especially the ideological warfare between and within the two parties
  • Offers key insight into Trump’s tactics and takeover of the Republican Party
  • Frequent political commentator on The Hill, CBS, MSNBC, and more

Topics & Types
PoliticsMediaPolitical AnalystsAuthors

Named one of the most-respected young political reporters in Washington, Tim Alberta is the chief political correspondent for POLITICO Magazine and the author of New York Times and Washington Post best-seller, American Carnage: On the Front Lines of the Republican Civil War and the Rise of President Donald Trump. He expertly covers Capitol Hill, Donald Trump’s presidency, demographic change in America, and the evolving role of money in elections.

Alberta’s consistent coverage of the biggest stories in politics grants him a front-row seat at the latest congressional battles, the evolving campaign landscape, and the ideological warfare between and within the two parties. Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Alberta grants audiences insight into the actions and motivations of Washington’s key players.

In addition to his 2016 campaign coverage for National Review as its chief political correspondent, Tim also covered Congress as House leadership reporter for National Journal, and later reported on campaigns as the publication’s senior political correspondent.

Alberta’s further accolades include his time as senior editor of The Hotline and as web producer and assistant editor for POLITICO. His work has been featured in dozens of publications nationwide, including The Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, and Vanity Fair. He frequently appears as a commentator on political television programs in the United States and around the world.

His recently-released book, American Carnage, delivers a comprehensive, thought-provoking analysis on the last decade of political and ideological turmoil that gave rise to Trump’s presidency. Featuring exclusive interviews with some of the most prominent figures in Washington—including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, former U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, and President Trump himself—Tim’s book offers key insight into Trump’s tactics and takeover of the Republican Party.

With unmatched experience and access to the highest offices in DC, Alberta provides audiences a look at the inner workings of Washington in the context of current as well as historic events.

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