Lisa Sun’s Insights for Approaching Challenges with GRAVITAS

Lisa Sun seated next to the Gravitas book cover

Lisa Sun is an entrepreneurial disruptor and the founder and CEO of game-changing women’s retail brand and confidence company GRAVITAS. A former associate principle at McKinsey & Company, Sun draws from her powerful personal story to demonstrate how anyone can tap into their inner strength to succeed in even the most difficult environments — be they in their professional or personal lives. She shares more in her highly acclaimed book, Gravitas: The 8 Strengths That Redefine Confidence, which is out September 12, 2023.

Inspiring the World to Cultivate Courage and Choose Confidence

Following 11 years as an associate principal at McKinsey, Sun founded GRAVITAS, which started as a women’s apparel company and has since evolved into a global confidence movement. The brand is inspired by the events that unfolded during her first-ever professional review, during which, Sun was told she “lacked gravitas” and that she should go buy new clothing and accessories. It was then that she realized the impact that clothing can have on elevating their confidence and giving them just a little bit more of the edge they need to succeed.

In the Gravitas book, Sun shares stories from her personal journey to encourage audiences to choose self-confidence, work to harness their “superpower,” and use gravitas to advance personally and professionally. Gravitas is described as a “thought-provoking, practical guide that redefines confidence and arms you with the tools to flex other strengths so you can shatter your expectations for yourself.”

NBC News anchor Vicky Nguyen called the book “a must-read for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of themselves and their superpowers .”

On stage, Sun captivates her audience as she explores why it’s vital to push past your potential, how to transform an idea into a movement, and why you’ve got to bet on yourself every single day. A force to be reckoned with, Sun’s talks are moving, motivating, and empowering, and catalyze confidence in attendees.

In the Media

Since launching GRAVITAS and building into a fashion industry powerhouse, Sun has been featured in today’s hottest magazines and publications. Below are some of her recent appearances in the media:

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  • Fast Company: ‘Fake it till you make it’ is bad advice. Here’s how to grow beyond performative confidence and establish real gravitas


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