CNN's Jake Tapper Available for Speaking

If you’ve been watching the conventions, you’ve been following along with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Between anchoring and hosting, he has discussed everything from the implications of the VP picks to the effectiveness of the guest speakers taking the stage in Cleveland and Philadelphia.

In addition to having personally interviewed both Clinton and Trump, in the past week alone Tapper has spoken to each candidate’s campaign manager, Donald Trump Jr., and Bernie Sanders. He’s super smart, very plugged in, and a top choice when it comes to bi-partisan political speakers who break down the implications of November’s vote.

As the conventions come to a close, and the candidates begin looking towards November, Tapper is the perfect speaker to answer questions about what comes next. He’s honest and extremely knowledgeable, and his quick wit makes him an engaging and dynamic speaker.

If you’re interested in learning more about Jake, or booking him for your next event, please fill out the form below.

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