Legendary Watergate Reporter Bob Woodward

Amid a heated political environment, “Watergate” was mentioned over 700 times on cable news in the last four weeks. Clearly Americans are drawing comparisons. No one is better poised to draw insights and parallels than legendary reporter Bob Woodward. He’s available to speak on: 

  • The current age of the American presidency: Woodward has covered Washington for 45 years and is able to contextualize the Trump era unlike anyone else
  • President Trump and the media: At an event hosted by C-SPAN last month, Woodward talked about how the media has evolved over the past few decades, and called for less opinions and more hard-facts reporting
  • The lessons of Watergate: With comparisons being drawn between the 1970s and modern times, Woodward explains the main takeaways of Washington, and how that scandal forever changed DC. 

Please let us know if you have an upcoming event where Bob could be a fit by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. His speeches are lively and humorous and his iconic status always brings an excitement to events.

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