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Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way businesses operate, and its will only increase in the future.

The top emerging AI business technologies that business leaders should know about include language models such as ChatGPT, art generators, speech recognition, virtual agents, robotic process automation, and more.

In this blog post, we explore the opportunities and challenges that these technologies present to businesses now and in the future, and highlight our top artificial intelligence keynote speakers who share expert insights on how any organization can tailor their AI strategy to complement their business objectives.

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  • Enhanced Customer Experience: AI, such as ChatGPT, can provide personalized recommendations, complete transactions, and respond to customer queries.
  • Increased Efficiency: By automating tasks with AI technologies, businesses can reduce costs, save time, and increase efficiency.
  • Innovation & Competitive Advantage: AI technologies can help businesses improve their products, services, and operations, leading to increased profitability and market share.


  • Ethics: AI raises ethical concerns around privacy, bias, and transparency. Businesses must ensure that their use of AI is ethical and in line with legal regulations.
  • Integration Challenges: Integrating AI technologies into existing systems can be challenging, particularly for older or legacy systems. This may require significant investment and expertise.
  • Uncertainty: The rapid pace of AI development can create uncertainty for businesses. Companies must be prepared to adapt to changes in the AI landscape and invest in the right technology.

The following speakers are tech leaders and innovators who are helping the world’s top companies understand the capabilities of AI and implement it into their business operations. They possess unparalleled insights into how organizations in any industry can leverage the power of AI to become disruptors, and can also provide detailed analyses of tech advancements on the horizon and how businesses can prepare for them today:

Amy Webb smirking in a purple top and black blazer


Amy Webb, World-Renowned Futurist, Founder & CEO of the Future Today Institute, who provides a fascinating overview of the different types of artificial intelligence and walks organizations through how to rehearse a future in which AI is an integral part of their businesses.

Webb was among the first experts to discuss the implications of ChatGPT in an appearance on CNN.

Paul Zikopoulos in a white turtleneck and brown jacket smiling at the camera


Paul Zikopoulos, Future Trends Expert, and VP of Technology Group Skills Vitality & Enablement at IBM, an award winning author and speaker who has written 21 books on AI and data and has been named to numerous Thought Leader lists around the world.

He not only consults and leads business transformation using AI, he has hands-on experience doing the actual work. With a mix of humor, live examples, 29 years of experience in data, and a solid understanding of business and technology, he can bring AI the incredible to life, while helping to ensure you’re AI responsible.

In this LinkedIn post, Zikopoulos demonstrates how businesses can use generative AI (for example, ChatGPT) to accelerate productivity when it comes to responding to customer reviews. 

Noelle Russell Smiling at the camera in a black blazer and white collar shirt

Noelle Russell, Leading AI Innovator & Practitioner, Global AI Solutions Lead at Accenture, Founder & Chief AI Officer at AI Leadership Institute

 Noelle Russell has dedicated her career to helping organizations uncover the possibilities artificial intelligence presents to their businesses, and guiding them through the intricacies of AI adoption. In her current role, Russell is the global AI solutions lead at Accenture, where she advises companies across industries on how to integrate emerging technologies — including AI, Web3, and the Cloud — into their operations and workplace strategies.

In her monthly newsletter she discusses why your employees utilizing ChatGPT is great! 

Christy Tanner smiling at the camera in a black top


Christy Tanner, Digital & Culture Transformation Thought Leader, Former C-Level Executive at CBS Interactive & TV Guide Digital, who shares strategic guidance for how to leverage emerging technology to power growth and position organizations for long-term success.

Bruce smirking at the camera in a colorful shirt


Bruce Schneier, Security Technologist & Guru, who is known for his refreshingly candid and lucid analysis of our networked world and discusses the impact that robotics and artificial intelligence will have in our attempts to keep our systems secure.

In this blog post, Schneier takes a look at the potential pitfalls of ChatGPT and explores scenarios in which AI is heavily involved in political discourse.  

Kate Darling smiling at the camera in a black shirt and dark exposed brick background


Kate Darling, Leading Expert in Social Robotics and MIT Media Lab Research Scientist, whose gripping overview of the potential of robotics and AI illustrates how new technologies can supplement human ability, while considering the ethical, legal, and social outcomes.

In this Science Focus article, Darling explains the hidden genius and pitfalls of ChatGPT.

Poppy Crum smiling while looking off in the distance in a gray shirt and black blazer


Poppy Crum, Expert in Technology-Driven Innovation & Human Evolution, who shares real-life examples of how companies are using AI, machine learning, and other emerging technologies to provide higher levels of customer service and personalized experiences.

dex hunter-torricke pictured in front of a blue background


Dex Hunter-Torricke, Head of Global Communications & Marketing at Deepmind; Former Head of Communications, Oversight Board for Meta; Former Communications Executive at SpaceX, Facebook, and Google, who uses anecdotes from his years of experience at some of the most cutting-edge companies to demonstrate how one can embrace AI and other emerging technologies and use them to foster innovation within their own organizations.

Salim Ismail's headshot pictured in black and white


Salim Ismail, Exponential Strategist, Founder of OpenExO & ExO Works, who discusses how companies can take advantage of the constant flow of technological breakthroughs and use them to get ahead of the curve.

In this Q&A, Ismail discusses how new technologies, including AI, are accelerating change in the business world.

Nichol Bradford smiling at the camera with hers arms crossed in a black long sleeve shirt


Nichol Bradford, Futurist and Transformative Tech Pioneer, Founder, & Executive, who draws from her daily work with AI and exponential tech to explore how they can be leveraged to enhance wellbeing and navigate the future of work, society, and human potential.

Mitch Joel smirking at the camera


Mitch Joel, Technology and Innovation Expert, who delves into the challenges and opportunities that come with organizations incorporating AI into their content and storytelling, and provides real-world examples of how teams are implementing AI into every level of how they work.

In this podcast, Joel explains why chatbots are the talk of the tech world and the ways in which they’ve ushered in the future of communication.

melanie subin smiling


Melanie Subin, Futurist; Trends, Scenarios, & Strategic Foresight Leader; Managing Director, Future Today Institute, who provides a customized look into the potential futures of a specific organization or industry and shares tools for navigating disruption and powering sustainable success.

Mark Bryan Smiling


Mark Bryan, Senior Foresight Manager, Future Today Institute, who delves into emerging trends and disruptive technologies, from Web3 to AI and everything in between, and focuses on the ways they can be leveraged to drive organizations forward and create a competitive advantage. 

Sam Jordan Smiling


Samantha Jordan, Futurist; Consultant, the Future Today Institute, who leads a compelling and easy-to-understand discussion about novel technologies, especially AI, and examines the ways in which organizations can work through the risks and ethical challenges, while embracing the potential to transform their businesses. 

greg williams pictured in front of a blury city background


Greg Williams, Editor, WIRED UK, synthesizes his knowledge of technological trends, including generative AI, and applies the principles to business — equipping his audience with tools to prepare for the future.

shawn dubravac pictured smiling


Shawn DuBravac, Futurist and Best-Selling Author, who is a senior tech economist featured in major media news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, as well as on CNN and MSNBC. He draws from his expertise on emerging trends to forecast major shake-ups across industries.

In this article published by ALLY Energy where Washington sheds light on the effective implementation of AI technology in the workplace, while also highlighting key strategies to avoid potential pitfalls and potholes.

crystal washington pictured against a light background


Crystal Washington, Technology Marketing Strategist & Futurist, who Explains the practical applications of technology and social media in easy-to-understand language and offers practical tips for using technology to strengthen client connections without losing that personal touch.

Brian Evergreen headshot


Brian Evergreen, Authority on AI, Tech, Business Strategy, & the Future of Work; Author; Founder & CEO of The Profitable Good Company; Former Global Head of Autonomous AI Co-Innovation, Microsoft Research, who leads an intriguing conversation on how to create a more human future as we continue to integrate AI into our organizations and society, and navigate past the Industrial Revolution and into a new Renaissance/Enlightenment era. 

And, if you needed any further convincing on the capabilities of AI, the entire first half of this blog post was written by ChatGPT — with a little bit of wordsmithing from a human writer, of course.

Educated Speakers on the Trending Topic

Undoubtedly, AI has set most industries abuzz with questions about capabilities, job security, and what the future holds. Companies are racing to develop the most impactful artificial intelligence. Although most people are comfortable using Siri and Alexa, few people were exposed to AI until ChatGPT entered the picture. AI has evolved, mimicking human language and behaviors and unsettling some while inspiring awe in others. The bottom line is, where does this leave companies and industries, and how do they prepare, educate their workforce, and make this technology work for them? 

No matter your industry, questions, concerns, or expertise, our expert artificial intelligence keynote speakers are knowledgeable about this ever-expanding field and can provide valuable information.

Homing in on the Power of Artificial Intelligence 

AI can help teams be more productive and offer an effective tool you can use for various applications, along with machine learning (ML). Unleashing the power of artificial intelligence requires focusing on:

  • Benefits: A business can make decisions faster, predict customer preferences, and tailor their services to these individual preferences. AI could improve operating costs through automation, and the cost savings may lead to substantial revenue increases. AI can also reduce human errors and promote operational efficiency.
  • Strategies: On the strategy side, businesses need to be smart about where, how, and when to use AI to enhance systems. With automation and AI, there is a high chance that certain positions will become redundant. Employers should strategize how to reskill at-risk employees to address skills gaps instead of losing members of the workforce who know the business, culture, and clients. 
  • Best practices: Using artificial intelligence successfully and ethically requires guidance, knowledge, and insights. Companies want to leverage the AI trend and not be victims of implementing it poorly or prematurely, causing reputational harm.

The potential for AI is extensive, and companies should explicitly consider it to ensure it’s relevant to their sector and industry. 

At Leading Authorities speakers bureau, our artificial intelligence keynote speakers provide thought-provoking and engaging keynotes to investigate the impact of tech on society and businesses. You’ll gain valuable insights, the latest developments, and predictions through their AI expertise and working knowledge. These keynotes will provide practical best practice guidance, considerations, and tips for how to transition into an AI environment smoothly. 

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