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4 Top Former Senior Intelligence Official Keynote Speakers

Director Clapper, General Hayden, Mike Morell

In a fast moving and complex world driven by rapid technological advances, threats can seemingly arise from anywhere. This has placed tremendous strains on our nation’s intelligence community, where critical decisions must be made faster than ever before. As we face military conflict and rogue regimes around the world, our need for security has never been in higher demand. Just as prevalent as our physical conflicts are those taking place via cyber warfare. In addition to these struggles we have serious political division that holds our nations trust in our intelligence institutions in the balance. In times like these leaders across industries and government entities turn to people who know these challenges from hands on experience and can offer guidance on how to effectively navigate them in the coming years. If you are seeking an accomplished former high-level intelligence official, Leading Authorities can help.

These smart, accomplished, name-draw speakers offer invaluable insight into rising tensions rising with North Korea and the debate regarding Russia’s involvement in our election. They have superior insight into America’s key relationships moving forward and provide incredible value to any organization seeking their vision. These four experts provide stakeholders with decades of perspective on geopolitical, national, and cyber security insights they can’t get anywhere else:

4 Former Senior Intelligence Speakers

  1. Admiral Michael Rogers
  2. Director James Clapper
  3. General Michael Hayden
  4. Michael Morell

Learn more about each of these incredible former intelligence officials, veterans, leaders, and keynote speakers below, and click through to their speaker profile pages to find out even more about each individual official’s expertise and speaking experience.

Admiral Michael Rogers

Former Director, National Security Agency & Former Commander, US Cyber Command

Michael Rogers is uniquely qualified to offer insight into the intelligence challenges facing the United States. He has served as Director of the NSA, chief of Central Security Service, and as Commander of US Cyber Command. He is a former Harvard Senior Executive in National Security and has served as an MIT technology seminar fellow. He has served in senior intelligence roles during the Snowden leaks and Russian election interference, directly working with President Obama and President Trump. With more than thirty years in the military, most of which spent as an expert in cryptology and intelligence, Michael offers clients a vast array of knowledge and unmatched vision on the threats we face. He has gone above and beyond at each step in his career and is ready to share his expertise. |  See more on Adm. Michael Rogers here.

Director James Clapper

Jim Clapper is widely renown as one of our nation’s foremost minds on intelligence. He served as the Director of National Intelligence from 2010 to 2017 under President Obama. He oversaw over 200,000 employees, the CIA, the FBI, and NSA. He was in the situation room during the infamous raid that captured Osama Bin Laden. As an active duty member of the military he saw two tours in Southeast Asia with 73 combat support missions logged and earned the rank of Lieutenant General in the Air Force. Known for his straight forward style, Director Clapper has become a go-to keynote speaker and frequent panel contributor. He has earned numerous military honors and defense community distinctions. His wisdom has earned him frequent appearances on cable news outlets as an expert on intelligence and national security. His service to this nation has become iconic. |  See more on Director Clapper here.

General Michael Hayden

Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) & Former Director of the National Security Agency (NSA)

Few have the perspective on the ever-evolving list of threats we face around the world than Michael Hayden. He is a retired four-star Air Force General who has seen firsthand the challenges our intelligence community faces. He has served as the director of both the CIA and the NSA and worked directly alongside President Clinton and President George W. Bush. | See more on General Hayden here.

Michael Morell

Former Deputy and Acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Best-Selling Author of the Book, The Great War Of Our Time

One of the country’s most-respected national security experts, Michael Morell is the former deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency and the author of the New York Times best-selling book, The Great War Of Our Time: The CIA’s Fight Against Terrorism from al Qa’ida to ISIS. The agency’s second-in-command, he spent his entire career at the CIA and has been in the room with the nation’s major political players for more than a decade. He is the only official who was with both President Bush on September 11th and President Obama on May 1st, when Osama Bin Laden was brought to justice during a raid that Morell had been integral in planning. According to the Wall Street Journal, he had “been at the center of nearly every fight against al Qaeda and has seen the limits of US intelligence,” and POLITICO called him the “Bob Gates of his generation.” He is a CBS News on-air contributor in intelligence and national security. Michael is an emotionally moving storyteller and the only man who was with President Bush on 9/11 and in the Situation Room with President Barack Obama during the raid on Osama bin Laden. He reviews key geopolitical threats and challenges that keep intelligence officials up at night. | See more on Michael Morell here.

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