Rockstar Speaker Sarah Robb O'Hagan

If you have an upcoming event focusing on transforming your business from the inside out, collaborative innovation, or creating new growth runways, we encourage you to give Sarah Robb O’Hagan a look:

  • Sarah’s a rock-star who fires up audiences with the tactics she used at Gatorade and Nike to reinvent tired lines of business and expand market share
  • A unique combination of motivational speaker and practical business advice, Sarah pairs stories about reinventing products (putting Apple sensors in Nike+ shoes, for example) with personal anecdotes of her successes and failures (she talks about being fired and how it taught her to be bold)
  • She’s high-energy and NICE—whether meeting your CEO or an audience member, Sarah is personable, easy to work with, and goes out of her way to connect

We should probably let her speak for herself:

Sarah is the author of the new book Extreme You and the CEO Flywheel Sports; she has also worked for Virgin Atlantic and Equinox. 

Fill out the form below to check in about her—we're happy to talk availability or fees at your convenience!

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