Most Booked Speakers of 2017

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We thought you may appreciate knowing who our most booked speakers were in 2017 as you may want to consider them for 2018 events. Check out the speaker details below for our most booked speakers—Jenny Radcliffe, Ben Saunders, and Greg Williams. Each of them have received fantastic client reviews and we hope you consider them for your 2018 events.

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Jenny Radcliffe is a “people hacker”—or a mix of shrewd behavioral scientist, master negotiator, and actor. Known for talking her way into high-security banks and even the Tower of London, Jenny is a world-renowned coach, consultant, and speaker who is a top choice for meetings focused on social intelligence, culture, sales, negotiation, and interpersonal relationships. 

Greg Williams, Editor-in-Chief of Wired magazine
One of the top future trends speakers on the circuit, Greg regularly meets with innovators, thinkers, scientists, and entrepreneurs who are changing the world. With a unique combination of storytelling expertise and in-depth knowledge on the future of technology, Greg transforms complex information into entertaining and accessible insights that prepare audiences for what’s coming next. 

Ben Saunders, World-record breaking polar explorer and repeat TED speaker
Ben is a three-time TED speaker who just returned from his most recent trek to the South Pole. Charming and witty, Ben’s stories of excruciating physical endurance, run-ins with polar bears, and pushing past doubt move audiences to push themselves and rethink their abilities. If you haven’t yet heard Ben talk about “giving everything you have to achieve something that’s never been done before,” watch his original, powerful TED talk.

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