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Welcome to Leading Authorities, Inc! We are very excited to work with you--but first we need to talk about a few things...



Now that you've joined the Leading Authorities family, we want to know as much as possible about you, your traveling preferences, and even your food allergies to make each booking a smooth experience. To make this happen, we have created a "Speaker Profile" form. Before we can pay you for your first speaking engagement, please fill out FW9 form and return the form to Caryn.

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Speaker Visit

Now that we got to know you, you finally get to meet us! In preparation for your speaker visit with our staff, we advise you give us the best version of your talk, use visuals if you intend to use them in a speech, tell us your story, funniest jokes, and treat the meeting much like you might a paid opportunity. For a brief example of a speaker visit, please click here

The goal of this meeting is for our sales and marketing teams (apx. 20 people), to better understand how to market and sell you effectively. At the end of it, we want them to be able to describe the topics you are passionate about, your style, and honestly get to know you. 

We will film this visit, so we advise you to dress as you would to a professional opportunity. We do use lapel microphones, please make sure attire is accommodating. For the best video, we advise you to stand. We can make further accommodations as necessary. 

Help Us Help You

Rephrasing the famous words of Jerry McGuire, "Help us help you!" Now that we are working together, we want to ensure that you are getting the best exposure through us and you! 
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