Anthony Brock

Former Intelligence Officer, Advisor, and Executive Coach
Anthony Brock Speaker
  • Executive leadership coach who’s worked with numerous government and private entities for improved organizational performance
  • Through storytelling, Tony encourages leaders to develop the critical thinking and soft skills to help them make effective decisions and become more impactful leaders
  • Leveraging his past career as an intelligence officer, he encourages audiences to value the differences between operations and operations-support roles for team success

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Tony is a former career intelligence officer, senior defense executive, and retired U.S. Navy Commander.

He’s a seasoned field practitioner who serves as a professionally certified executive leadership coach, team trainer, and trusted advisor with a focus in leading people, managing systems, and designing organizations to deliver leveled-up performance.

He’s supported leaders in U.S. and allied governments, U.S. Navy SEAL teams, academia, commercial business, security and law enforcement, and the health industry to deliver decisive competitive advantage under the most challenging operational environments.

Tony has served as an advisor to the U.S. Chief of Navy Personnel; to the Commander, Office of Naval Intelligence; and, as a Naval Attaché, to the U.S. Consul General, Hong Kong and Macau, China. He has served with NATO in Europe and the U.S. Special Operations and Intelligence community globally. He has worked and lived across cultures in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle-East partnering to address challenges in leadership, strategy, organizational design, operations, personnel, train threat analysis, risk adaptation, applied data analytics, and decision-making.

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Tailored Speaking Engagements to Reinforce Your Message. As a retired Navy Commander and former intelligence officer, Tony partners with CEOs and senior executives to deliver a bespoke motivational speech or keynote which leverages his experiences to reinforce their strategic message from realignment and turnarounds to sustaining success and accelerated growth scenarios.

Business Intelligence for Leaders: Competitive Advantage in the Information Age. As a career intelligence officer who deployed globally with the U.S. Navy SEALs, Tony uses storytelling to help leaders distinguish highly-valued intelligence from common information, how to drive strategic requirements, regain control of inbound channels, and scale insights for improved decision-making across the organization

Information Overload: Managing Knowledge Within Organizations. Tony leverages his experience as a career intelligence officer supporting the U.S. Navy SEALs to explain how leaders at all levels can manage critical information for organizational success. He explains how to federate analysis, tailor content, disseminate knowledge, and evaluate the process for continuous improvement.

Leading Organizational Alignment. As a former Naval Attaché to Hong Kong, China, Tony discusses the role leaders have in continuously aligning complex current operations to an evolving strategy. As leaders strive to focus the time and distinct talents of their people towards a common vision, alignment is critical in achieving organizational success. Tony outlines a proven framework leaders must master and implement.

Leading in Support of Operations. Drawing on his experience as an intelligence officer supporting the U.S. Navy SEALs, Tony encourages audiences to value the differences between operations and operations-support roles. Through storytelling, he reinforces the lesson that each member is ultimately valued by the level of professional expertise and personal commitment that they bring to the shared organizational vision. Audiences learn the importance of building a team culture which deeply appreciates individual contribution while prioritizing the main effort as the main effort.  

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