Tracking Down Speakers Not Listed On Speaker Bureaus' Websites?



Some people believe a speakers bureau’s sole job is to represent a small pool of talent and only help clients with those specific speakers. However, a speakers bureau can be an extremely helpful and (free!) one-stop-shop resource for getting all of the information you need when it comes to hiring a keynote speaker, whether it’s just for one speaker or an entire list of options. Often times, clients feel that they need to do a ton of research on their own to find out which speakers are on which speaker bureaus’ websites. Then, they need to reach out on each of those websites individually and have multiple conversations. This is a very common misconception that can lead to a very confusing experience for the client.

When I began helping clients book speakers, one of my first experiences was with a client who felt this exact way. She reached out to me for details about one specific speaker that we represented, which I immediately helped her with. During our call, it became very evident that she was completely exhausted, and she mentioned that she still had a full list of speakers that she was waiting to get details on. As it turned out, she had reached out to five other bureaus that week and she was still waiting to hear back from most of them. I offered my assistance and explained to her that just because a speaker isn’t listed on our website, it doesn’t mean we don’t work with them frequently for our clients’ events. We began going through the rest of the list that she had and, together, we were able to complete the entire list of speakers that her company was interested in.

This also goes for high-profile talent like celebrities and entertainment. Many times, talent like this has strict promotional rules which limit the number of websites they are able to be listed on. Again, this does not mean that we haven’t worked with them before or don’t have the details that you’re looking for in order to book them to speak.


There is one small caveat. There are a lot of websites out there that are aware of this misconception and take advantage of clients, pretending that they have pre-existing relationships with these celebrities and entertainers. We don't do this. In the event that we have not worked with said talent before, we have an extensive network that gives us quick and easy access to all of the details you request. This can save you a lot of time and effort throughout this process.


Prior to helping clients book speakers, I held a position at Leading Authorities assisting our sales team with research and talent development. Most of my responsibilities were ensuring our databases were consistently updated with details for not only the speakers we represented, but also for any speakers our clients might be interested in for their future events. This position is imperative for our company to have the above-and-beyond customer service that we strive to provide to our clients each and every day.

So, while Leading Authorities exclusively represents some of the most popular and most interesting keynote speakers on the circuit today, our team can help you to find and hire virtually any individual who accepts paid speaking engagements at no additional cost to you. In fact, we specialize in placing hard-to-find and in-demand keynote speakers across the globe, which may not be listed on our website or any other speakers bureau website, so we encourage you to contact us if you are looking for a specific speaker not listed on any website. Whether this requires us to work directly with the speaker or to work with another speakers bureau or agency, our team will do whatever it takes to help you to secure the perfect keynote speaker for your event based on your specific criteria such as your event topic and your audience's interests.

If you’re a long-term Leading Authorities client or a new client looking for some assistance, I would highly recommend using our team as a tool and taking advantage of our frequently updated speaker resources and complimentary services.


Here are a few of my favorite speaker pages and resources that I encourage you to check out regardless of where you are in the keynote speaker event planning process to help you ensure your event or meeting is successful:

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Now that you know our process for helping clients to book the most ideal keynote speaker for their event or meeting, are you ready to experience it firsthand?

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