Kevin Kajiwara

Co-President, Teneo Intelligence; Geopolitical Expert
Kevin Kajiwara
  • Led Eurasia Group’s business development efforts, managing relationships with the world’s largest hedge funds
  • Former director of institutional equity sales in the New York office of the Spanish bank BBVA
  • Breaks down geopolitical trends and their implications for global financial markets and corporate strategies

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Kevin Kajiwara advises Fortune 100 CEOs and significant institutional investors with insights on geopolitical and policy risks, and their investment and corporate strategy implications. He plays an active role in promoting the firm’s research agenda and developing its macro views, as well as integrating Teneo’s geopolitical advisory services across the platform. Prior to joining Teneo, Kevin was the director of Strategic Clients at Eurasia Group and a member of the firm’s Operating Committee. Previously, he was in international institutional equity sales with the Spanish bank BBVA, and earlier, with Bear, Stearns & Co.

A sought-after public speaker, Kevin regularly presents to a wide range of audiences worldwide on geopolitical risks and trends. Kevin received a BA in Economics from Vassar College.

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Speaker Video

Kevin Kajiwara On International Diplomacy

Global Politics: Emerging Trends & Risks

  • Longer-term geopolitical trends and their market implications
  • Emerging political risks and hot spots
  • The financial crisis and beyond

Which emerging trends in international politics will define the global business environment and shape market outcomes for the next several years?

Where are today’s most important market-relevant political risks? Where is the global economic crisis most likely to generate new market-moving political risks? How can market players and investment decision-makers profit from these events and trends?

Geopolitical Risks. In the wake of the global economic downturn, risks and opportunities for global markets are coming from unexpected directions. Power has shifted away from the US, new regulations could further change the game, and emerging states are not always the riskiest bets. Meanwhile, state capitalism is on the rise, as public wealth, public investment, and public ownership makes a stunning comeback.

Kevin Kajiwara will explain how blending political and economic risk analysis leads to savvier investment decisions--seizing valuable opportunities around the globe while avoiding danger zones. He will also discuss where the global economic crisis is most likely to generate new market-moving political risks, and how market players and investment decision-makers can profit from these events and trends. In addition, he will share his perspective on maintaining the balance between the explosive growth potential of top emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC), with the importance of their place in the global economic network. Top risk factors and trends in selected countries will be discussed.

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