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Adam Sharp: Authenticity Through the Technology "Handshake"


Adam Sharp, Former Head of News, Government, and Elections at Twitter,  sheds light on the new ways we consume media in today's global environment. He explains that despite the fact that twitter increases the speed and volume of media sharing, we are looking for a more personal and authentic experience that puts an emphasis on the individual over the brand. He then shows us how we can use technology to create that personal "handshake" experience.
Former Head of News, Government, and Elections at Twitter
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As Head of News, Government and Elections at Twitter, Adam Sharp led a team driving creative uses of Twitter by journalists and news organizations, government officials and agencies, and political candidates and campaigns worldwide. Called "the human embodiment of Twitter" by the New York Times, Sharp joined the company in November 2010 as its first hire in Washington, DC. Sharp led the platform’s approach to the 2012 and 2016 U.S. and more than a dozen international elections during his tenure. He was also director of media partnerships and worked closely with the media, government, and political candidates that wanted to make use of Twitter.
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