David Nico: Turning SAD Into A Good Diet

David Nico: Turning SAD Into A Good Diet


In this video, David Nico, who is also known as Dr. Healthnut, talks about the fact that Americans are overfed and undernourished but have no fear—there are ways to change your diet and feel good. Click here or call 1-800-SPEAKER for more information. 

Best-Selling Author, Peak Performance Strategist, & Leadership & Well-Being Expert

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David Nico, PhD, is a passionate advocate for health and wholeness, a top peak performance strategist, a media personality, and best-selling author of the upcoming Dr. Healthnut Series books. As a leadership and well-being expert, keynote speaker, and certified wellness coach, his passion is to help leaders live well so they can model vitality, inspire vision, and create a legacy. A talented and versatile speaker, David captures and speaks to the heart of your event and he will invest quality time to make the most impact for your audience. His desire is for participants to not only learn valuable insights, but walk away with transformational action steps.