Steve Farber: Pursuit of The OS!M

Steve Farber: Pursuit of The OS!M


Best-selling author Steve Farber explains why leaders should push themselves out of their comfort zones. Fear is natural, and we tend to steer away from moments that scare us, but he shares that if the only reason you’re avoiding taking on a challenge is because the idea scares you, then that’s the reason to take it on. That’s the pursuit of the “OS!M,” and it’s how you know you’re growing as a leader. The bigger and more important the challenge, the more intense the OS!M.

Best-Selling Author & Leadership Coach

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Steve Farber is the best-selling author of three ground-breaking books: Greater Than Yourself, The Radical Edge, and The Radical Leap, which was named one of the “100 Best Business Books of All Time.” Cited as one of Inc’s “Global Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts,” Farber shares thought-provoking and practical leadership insights. Whether an organization’s challenge is coping with change, improving culture, building teamwork, or fostering innovation—his world-renowned “Extreme Leadership” framework is the new paradigm for the current business environment.