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Jon Wellinghoff & Robert Bryce

Renowned Experts on the Future of Energy
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    No one is better positioned to discuss the future of energy in the United States than Jon Wellinghoff and Robert Bryce. With Bryce on the right representing oil and shale and Wellinghoff on the left discussing renewables (though both are moderate in their political positions), the pair shares eye-opening visuals and can’t miss insights as they debate what the right energy policies are and what’s possible politically and technologically. Audiences walk away with a well-rounded understanding of the policy, resources, and economics involved in the energy debate and a plan for how to best capitalize on what’s coming.

    Jon Wellinghoff is the immediate past chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. A “new breed” of chairman according to the Washington Post, he ushered in a monumental shift in energy policy. The longest serving chair of the FERC, he brings to the table 40 years of leadership and expertise in the energy sector. He advocates for building a stronger national power grid through the use of renewable energies, working to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign energy. Animated and entertaining, he shares the fascinating energy trends audiences need to know.

    Robert Bryce, one of America’s most prominent energy journalists, is the author of five books, including Power Hungry and his latest, Smaller Faster Lighter Denser Cheaper, which looks at how we are innovating our way toward energy independence. A senior fellow with the Center for Energy Policy and the Environment at the Manhattan Institute and a passionate and engaging speaker, he skillfully explains the scale, physics, and math behind our energy and power systems while exposing the myriad myths about energy.

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