Black Out Tuesday: A Message From Our CEO


As a company that supports justice, equality, and the voices of the unheard, Leading Authorities Inc. is participating in Black Out Tuesday - a call for blank black media posts, that will divert attention from entertainment and focus our attention on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Here's an excerpt from an internal message sent to our team, from our President & CEO:

"We are headquartered in a city that’s in the bullseye of every conversation about our country’s future -  a political conversation, a conversation about how to handle public heath, economic policy, and now most prominently, equality and fairness for every citizen in the country. Some of these conversations are debatable. The last one’s not. 

One look outside our window is all you need to know that there is pain, anger and frustration around the simple fact that we’re all equal, all the same, and all our lives have equal value. We are headquartered in a city where what is obvious needs to be spray painted on every building in sight…that Black Lives Matter.

The secret to LAI’s success for about 30 years has always been the people. Not because we hired the smartest, best looking and hardest working, but because we built trust, have open conversation and debate, treat each other with respect and empathy, push each other, council and criticize, and support each other when it’s needed. We have to work hard to stay together, and keep building and supporting what got us here, each other."

Matt Jones

President, CEO | Leading Authorities Inc.

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