The Cybersecurity Expert Google, Facebook Trust

At the age of 8, cyber security expert Jeremiah Grossman taught himself to write code and at 12, he was a network administrator. By 18, he hacked into his own Yahoo! account, sent instructions on how he did it to Yahoo! executives, and found himself with a job offer from the tech titan.

Today Jeremiah is Chief of Security Strategy at SentinelOne and the founder of WhiteHat Security. He has been publicly thanked by companies including Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Facebook for privately exposing weaknesses in their systems—or in other words, “hacking them.”

His speeches are an incredible review of current threats including hacktivists and nation states, as well as a look at the emergence of the malware industry. His tips for what organizations and private citizens need to do to protect themselves had our whole team taking notes. It’s eye-opening to say the least, and made even better by the fact that Jeremiah is so personable and charismatic.

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