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Corina Burton

Entrepreneurial Strategist & Mindset Maven; Founder & CEO, Unstoppable Media
Corina Burton in a light blue cotton polo shirt smirking at the camera with her hand slightly touching the right side of her face
  • Serial entrepreneur, founder, CEO, and franchisor of multi-million-dollar businesses she built from the ground up to become industry disruptors
  • Regarded as one of the business world’s “Women of Wonder” and a marketing and branding expert who introduces innovative approaches for building powerhouse brands
  • Draws from her own personal story to share action-oriented strategies for how organizations and individuals can become unstoppable on the path to success

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Corina Burton is a breakthrough entrepreneur who has made a career of disrupting industries where people who look like her are often overlooked. She is a Latina founder, CEO, brand builder, and gamechanger who is driven by her passion for cultivating relationships and increasing profit margins. While balancing her responsibilities as a mother, as well as the other aspects of her personal life, she co-founded CPR Construction Cleaning, which has become one of the fastest-growing companies in its category since she launched it from her kitchen table in 2019. In addition to building a national company with annual revenue surpassing $5.5 million amid the economic uncertainty of the pandemic and the years following, she is the Founder and CEO of Unstoppable Media, and host of the “Unstoppable” podcast, where she shares the captivating stories and experiences of unstoppable people from all walks of life.

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Burton uses her own personal story of taking risks, overcoming failure, and coming face-to-face with her purpose on the path to finding success to inspire audience members of all stripes to align themselves to their goals with intention, and prepare them to push through the challenges that stand in the way of manifesting their dreams. Drawing from her experiences, as well as those of the leaders, executives, creatives, and everyday people she has crossed paths with, she arms individuals with her action-oriented four pillars for how to develop an unstoppable mindset that will empower them to break glass ceilings and push the boundaries of the status quo. As she shares with audiences, her journey began more than a decade ago as a single stay-at-home mother of three children with no money and no college degree — if she can transform her career, and life, using the four pillars for developing an unstoppable mindset, so can anyone else.  

An expert and elite practitioner in branding and marketing, Burton built her booming, multi-million-dollar business in a traditionally male-dominated space using innovative approaches to branding and social media. She brings more than 15 years of experience in networking, negotiation, sales, business, development, customer relationship management, marketing, and branding for products and services across industries. In her previous roles, she served as a director of business development, marketing director, and sales representative who generated revenue and drove results for the companies she worked with.

Regarded as an industry leader and a titan in business and entrepreneurship, Burton has been named one of the “Top 50 Women in Franchising,” as well as a “Woman of Wonder” by Franchise Dictionary Magazine in 2022. In addition to being featured in Forbes, Burton and Unstoppable Media have been recognized and segmented in various leading media outlets, including CBS, NBC, ABC, and “Good Morning Arizona” — to name a few.

Through her setbacks, she has learned the key to moving forward is creating the foundation of an unstoppable mindset. She refuses to allow her circumstances to take her down, and through her own self-discovery, she has found the answers to creating personal and professional goals, and turning dreams into reality.

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How to Develop an Unstoppable Mindset. The path to building a business from the ground up is never easy, as Corina Burton can attest to. The CEO of Unstoppable Media and co-founder of CPR Construction Cleaning, she faced countless challenges and setbacks on the path to building her successful businesses. Instead of letting those experiences deter her, she used them as fuel for achieving her dreams.

In this talk, she draws from her personal story of building a multi-million-dollar franchise from her kitchen table in the middle of the pandemic to share her four principles for how anyone can develop an unstoppable mindset in order to achieve big goals in their professional and personal pursuits. In a spirited and interactive session, Burton walks audience members through thoughtful ways for overcoming and learning from the challenges they face, and empowers them to tap into higher levels of resilience that exist within them, take risks, and create their own opportunities on the path to disrupting the status quo and manifesting their success.

Leading with Grace and Grit: Future-Focused Leadership Strategies. In an important conversation, entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Unstoppable Media Corina Burton draws from her experiences building game-changing businesses from the ground up to share the elements of leadership that will be key for navigating organizations, and the teams and individuals within them, in this new era of business. As a Latina leader who had to create her own avenues to success in industries where women and people from diverse backgrounds were often underrepresented, Burton shares unique and thought-provoking insights for how to maximize your impact as a leader to create a high-performance culture where teams are connected, and individuals are inspired by the work they do each day. Addressing topics such as strategies for building teams and aligning them towards shared goals, fostering inclusive workplaces that empower women and people from diverse backgrounds, and overcoming the challenges of being a female leader, Burton introduces groups to a new way of leadership that serves as the foundation for making their organizations unstoppable.  

From Branding to the Bottom Line: A Blueprint for Building Businesses and Maximizing Growth. The first thing Corina Burton learned when building her businesses is that there’s no silver bullet for success. There are, however, countless ways to innovate in order to make your organization stand out and turn entire industries on their head. Regarded as an expert marketer, brand builder, and generational disruptor, Burton refers back to the ways in which she leveraged new approaches in branding and social media to grow her businesses, including motivational media company Unstoppable, into powerhouses in their industries. She shows groups how they can identify opportunities to build products that stand out, create value, and offer new services and solutions to the market. This session brings the Unstoppable experience to the stage, and is a masterclass in defining a brand’s mission and values, crafting the organization’s story, building lasting affinity with customers, making data-driven decisions, and leveraging all the tools at your disposal to create new revenue-generating opportunities and unlimited possibilities for business growth.

From Setbacks to Comebacks: Finding Strength in Adversity. Even with her responsibilities in her personal life and the looming thoughts of a less-than-stellar first venture into entrepreneurship, Corina Burton was determined to take a risk and build something she truly believed in. The end result has been multiple successful businesses, including her fast-growing coaching and leadership program, Unstoppable Media. Using her own experience of bouncing back from the setbacks to lead businesses as a Latina founder and CEO in an industries where people with similar backgrounds are often few and far between, Burton leads an uplifting session on how to embrace adversity as part of the process to becoming unstoppable and charting your own path to success. Candid about her own challenges and how she overcame them, she helps people see the opportunities in adversity, shares steps for drawing out the lessons from every setback, and shares productive strategies for turning two steps back into ten steps forward on the journey to achieving success.

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