David Hume Kennerly

Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer and Canon Explorer of Light


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David Hume Kennerly has been a photographer on the front lines of history for more than 50 years.  At 25 he became one of the youngest winners of the Pulitzer Prize in Journalism. The 1972 award for Feature Photography recognized his work from the previous year, included images of the Vietnam and Cambodia wars, refugees escaping from East Pakistan into India, and the Ali v. Frazier “Fight of the Century” World Heavyweight Championship at Madison Square Garden.  Two years later Kennerly was appointed President Gerald R. Ford's Personal White House Photographer.

Kennerly’s photos have appeared on more than 50 major magazine covers, and he has documented history in more than a hundred countries.  He has photographed ten U.S. Presidents, covered thirteen presidential campaigns, served as a contributing editor for Newsweek magazine for ten years, and was a contributing photographer for Time & Life Magazines. American Photo Magazine named Kennerly “One of the 100 Most Important People in Photography.”

In 2019, The University of Arizona Center for Creative Photography (CCP) acquired the David Hume Kennerly Archive. It features almost one million images, prints, objects, memorabilia, correspondence and documents dating back to 1957. His work joins that of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Richard Avedon, W. Eugene Smith, and scores of other legendary photographers.  In 2018, University of Arizona President Robert C. Robbins appointed Kennerly the university’s first Presidential Scholar. 

Kennerly has published several books of his work, Shooter; Photo Op; Seinoff: The Final Days of Seinfeld; Photo du Jour; Extraordinary Circumstances: The Presidency of Gerald R. Ford; and David Hume Kennerly On the iPhone. He was also a major contributor to CNN’s 2016 book, Unprecedented: The Election that Changed Everything, including the cover image of his exclusive portrait of President Donald Trump.

Kennerly also works extensively in corporate photography and has a decade-long relationship with Bank of America. Kennerly’s most published photographs, however, can be found on the Girl Scout Cookie boxes from 2009 to 2019.

Kennerly has an extensive film and TV production background.  He was an executive producer of The Spymasters, a CBS/Showtime documentary about the directors of the CIA. He also was one of the producers of The Presidents’ Gatekeepers, a four-hour Discovery Channel film about White House chiefs of staff.  Kennerly was nominated for a Primetime Emmy as executive producer of NBC’s, The Taking of Flight 847. He was co-writer and executive producer of Shooter, a two-hour NBC pilot filmed in Thailand starring Helen Hunt. The movie was based on his Vietnam experiences, and won the Emmy for Outstanding Cinematography.

Kennerly has received the prestigious Lucie Award honoring the greatest achievement in photojournalism, and that same year delivered the commencement speech at Lake Erie College, where he received an honorary doctorate.

Kennerly is a Canon Explorer of Light, one of an elite group of photographers sponsored by Canon.

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An Unprecedented Lens on the White House

David Hume Kennerly Storyteller

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DHK Bank of America Shoot

Behind the Lens: 50 years of campaign photography

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Behind the Scenes of History. A magical mystery tour with Kennerly through some of the major events of the last 55 years as seen through his eyes and camera. From the night Robert Kennedy was shot, to the battlefields of Vietnam, Watergate, the resignation of Nixon and the swearing-in of President Ford. It also includes; intimate images with Ford as he ended the Vietnam War; Egyptian President Sadat’s historic trip to Israel; the horrors of Jonestown; inside Reagan and Gorbachev’s Fireside Summit in Geneva; in the room with George W. Bush as the 2000 election ended in a tie; riding with President and Mrs. Obama’s in an elevator on Inaugural night, and Trump the night he won the presidential election. Kennerly was there for all of that and more, and he will take you along for the photographic ride of your life.

Presidential Imagery from George Washington to Donald Trump: When we think of George Washington the image that comes to mind is his face as depicted on the one dollar bill, but we don’t know what he really looked like because all of the pictures of him are artist’s impressions. John Quincy Adams, our 6th president, was the first to be photographed in 1843 after he left office. Abraham Lincoln was the first American politician to really understand the power of an image.  John F. Kennedy used his family and youthful good looks to photographic advantage and to win the election. LBJ had the first civilian photographer documenting his presidency, and so it went with all the presidents after. David Kennerly was the third civilian to be the personal photographer to the president, and he will illustrate the importance that image and photography have played in shaping our understanding of US Presidents, including his own experiences and pictures with ten of them, from LBJ to Trump.

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