Blind Adventurer: "We're All Climbing Blind"

Erik Weihenmayer kayaking next to an image of the cover of his book

Earlier this week, Erik Weihenmayer talked with our team about leading a “no barriers life.” Erik is the only blind man to have ever climbed Mt. Everest. His new book No Barriers, which chronicles his 2014 journey to kayak the Grand Canyon, is out now.

Erik talked about why it was so important to him that he not let Everest be his greatest accomplishment and how he constantly pushes himself to do more—including learning to kayak at age 40. His description of what it was like to flip over and under massive, rushing rapids with only a Bluetooth earpiece connected to his team to guide him down the falls left us speechless.

He hammered home that personal growth is messy and explosive and rarely how it looks in the movies, and shared these 3 keys to living a “no barriers” life:

  • We’re all climbing blind: We all have barriers in our lives; some are just more obvious than others. Leaning into the things that scare us is the best way to push forward.
  • Don’t look back: After success, it’s important to celebrate for just a moment before riding that wave of momentum into the next set of discoveries and possibilities.
  • Surround yourself with “good peer pressure”: To tackle an audacious goal, you’ve got to build a support system that will push you when you’re feeling uninspired and hold you accountable.
Erik’s talk is full of moving stories (he says kayaking made him feel more vulnerable than climbing Everest did) and actionable substance that grips you and leaves an impression. His presentations are highly rated and in demand.

For more information on Erik, his availability, or his fees, please fill out the form below.

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