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New LAI Speaker: Behavioural Economist Jeff Kreisler

Jeff Kreisler, Behavioral Economist

We would like to share some details with you about one of the newest keynote speakers who will be travelling in Europe in spring 2019: Jeff Kreisler.

Jeff is an expert on “behavioural economics,” as well as a best-selling author and former stand-up comedian.

His presentations and insights sit at the intersection of behavioural science and money. He help audiences better understand why people do the things they do, especially when it comes to finance and business.

Jeff’s research on how human behaviour drives spending and saving habits, economic ebbs and flows, and the future of our markets led to his best-selling book, Dollars and Sense: How We Misthink Money and How to Spend Smarter. His book was named the “Best Book of the Year” by Business Insider.

The editor-in-chief of People Science, Jeff drums up important conversations about how we think about and relate to money, and helps clients answer questions like, “Why do we make the decisions that we do?” and “How can we reframe our financial decision-making to create better outcomes?” He also touches on fintech, opportunity costs, “the pain of paying,” and the way new transactional platforms are shifting our understanding of money.

To dig even deeper into Jeff Kreisler’s experience, expertise, accomplishments, and speaking topics, visit his speaker profile page and browse through his full speaker bio materials.


Are you hosting an event, meeting, or conference in Europe in 2019 where Jeff may be a good fit?

If you are interested in checking his speaking fees and availability or would like to have Jeff speak at a future event, meeting, or panel discussion, reach out to us today!

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