Oxford University & Google Alum: Here's How Technology Is Changing Humanity

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To what extent has technology altered our behavior? Have we passed the point of no return, or can we mitigate its adverse effects on our psyche?  New LAI speaker James Williams provides answers to these pressing questions, as well as insight into the co-evolution of technology and humanity.

A former Google executive, Williams received the company’s highest honor for his work on search advertising. Over time, however, he grew more and more concerned with technology’s reach, from data privacy to attention spans—and even free will. Seeking answers to his many questions, Williams left Google to become a research associate at Oxford University, where he studied the impact of technology on human beings.

After receiving the Nine Dots Prize, a major international award for innovative thinking, Williams wrote Stand Out of Our Light: Freedom and Resistance in the Attention Economy. The book delves into the ways humanity and technology have collided, and what he sees around the corner. TechCrunch called the book “an instant classic,” and it was selected by the President of Princeton University as the freshman “pre-read”—the book the entire incoming class is assigned.

Williams speaks about the human impacts of persuasive technology, the ethics of current technology and social media, and how society and tech will transform inextricably. If you’re hosting an event regarding the risk and opportunity of rapidly-expanding new technologies, Williams is certainly a speaker to consider. 

Watch this video of James Williams to get a preview of the enlightening presentations he delivers:



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