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Jonathan MacDonald

Founder of the Thought Expansion Network and Renowned Entrepreneur
    Topics & Types
    InnovationBusiness StrategyTechnologyBusiness Leaders From Major Brands

    Jonathan MacDonald is an internationally acclaimed speaker,author and entrepreneur who expands people’s thinking around the potential of technology, the shaping of society, and the realities of business, all of which are constantly influenced by fast paced, relentless change. 

    Through all of his work, MacDonald enables people and organizations to modify their approach from one-­‐off change management to the management of perpetual change, thanks to his deep knowledge of future trends, the world of business and human behavior. He also draws upon his extreme depth of thinking to answer the most complex questions from the stage, adding immense consultative value that translates into tangible, bottom-­‐line business benefit.

    He is trusted by the senior executives of the most successful global companies including Google, Apple, P&G, Unilever, Nestlé, Lego, Heineken and IKEA to stretch their thinking and provide new perspectives and avenues of thought, and is a contributor to Google’s Think Insights and Forbes.

    If your business needs to:

    •Exploit the interconnectedness of the modern, digitally enhanced world 

    •Maximize the opportunities that new technology brings

    •Manage changing consumer expectations and the democratization of the business value chain

    •Future-­‐proof your organization by understanding new business trends

    •Actively benefit and profit from the landscape of constant change

    •Access true thought leadership on innovation, business strategy and future opportunities 

    MacDonald is the only speaker/expert in this area who will ensure that audiences leave with a clear roadmap of the actionable steps to take to achieve success and competitive advantage.

    MacDonald is charismatic, personable and highly impactful, meaning that he is consistently the best-­‐rated speaker at any event, leaving a lasting impression on every audience who hears him. He opens up the minds and the thinking of a diverse range of people; facilitating strategic discussion and dialogue with the most senior level executives, or inspiring an entire workforce to embrace new opportunities for a brighter future.

    Some of his influential opinions have been captured in his recently published books, ‘Business Poison’ and ’28 Thoughts on Digital Revolution.

    He is also the founder of  the Thought Expansion Network (TEN), which facilitates positive  change through empowering powerful missions across all industry verticals, and whose research function ensures that all of MacDonald’s’ speeches are regularly  updated with the newest future trend insights and relevant case studies.

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