Mona Patel

Business Innovation Strategist and Best-Selling Author
Mona Patel
  • Founder and CEO of Motivate Design, a user experience agency helping major corporations establish a company vision
  • Assists clients including Mercedes-Benz and GE in identifying the next “Big Thing”
  • Encourages and inspires audiences to move beyond the traditional mechanisms that hold back innovation

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Mona Patel is a dynamic and engaging entrepreneur with 17 years of experience assisting the world’s top brands in reimagining their creative ideation process to ultimately optimize customer experience. She is the Founder and CEO of Motivate Design, a user experience (UX), research design, and staffing agency that specializes in helping major corporations in establishing a company vision and ensuring that resources are effectively allocated to execute it. With a degree in engineering psychology, Mona’s expertise sits at the intersection of human emotion and technology. She has assisted clients including Mercedes-Benz and GE in identifying the next ‘Big Thing’ by encouraging the exploration of new research methodologies, emerging markets, and new ideas that meet consumer needs while at the same time tapping into emerging and innovative technologies. The best-selling author of Reframe: Shift the Way You Work, Innovate, and Think, Mona inspires clients to think outside the box by offering an actionable and practical roadmap for breaking through creative barriers and generating great ideas.

Mona’s process works by encouraging clients to move beyond the traditional mechanisms that typically hold back companies throughout the innovation process, offering insights that are applicable at every level of a company. Personable, funny, and relatable, Mona’s presentations have a way of breaking down barriers that usually prevent companies from identifying their own weaknesses. Available to deliver keynotes or workshops, she’s not afraid to dig deep into a company’s corporate and interpersonal culture to uncover the hindrances or personality types that stall innovation, creating a comfortable environment that allows attendees to identify and overcome roadblocks and unlock their full creative potential to begin innovating. Mona offers audiences a distinct ability to solve problems quickly, creatively, and simply. She has a unique capability to translate complex business problems into simple design opportunities. Mona is an expert at conveying strategic ideas in a direct, focused, honest, approachable, and authentic way, and her advice has helped others redesign everything from interfaces to cross-channel customer journeys to their own lives.

Mona began her career working on the redesign of the first consumer-facing digital camera for Eastman Kodak Company. With the dawn of the internet, Mona was one of few innovators who realized that the goal of online presences wasn’t just to make interfaces easy to use but to also ensure they are persuasive and powerful communicators of brand. She has a master’s degree in marketing from Boston University and embarked on a fast-paced trajectory, rising from junior design researcher to managing a multi-million dollar portfolio of UI/UX work.

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Mona Patel on Innovation and What If?

Mona Patel: See Problems As Opportunities

Is This Uncomfortable? Part of the Gray Zones experiments, this “live social experiment” experience is designed to inspire empathy, awareness, and understanding while exploring racism and bias. Through a series of voicemails, listeners vote and describe how they felt while listening to the voicemail, and determine whether or not they heard prejudice or bias.

Leveraging Disruption to Create Opportunities. In today’s age of disruptive technology, companies are facing fundamental challenges that threaten to erode their entire business models. Mona Patel has worked with Fortune 500 companies including Mercedes-Benz and GE to identify the next “Big Thing,” exploring emerging markets, new research methodologies and innovative technologies. Mona encourages clients to see problems as opportunities, and leverage the disruptive forces in their industries to generate innovative ideas. She helps audiences move beyond the fears, doubts and “I can’ts” surrounding disruption in order to unlock creativity and see potential opportunities.

Breaking Through BS Personas: How to Jump-Start Innovation. Mona Patel has spent the past 17 years helping some of the world’s top brands come up with innovative ideas to optimize customer experience. With a background in both psychology and engineering, Mona understands the way people think and the best processes for generating great ideas as a team. In this speech, Mona outlines the different mechanisms by which people hold themselves and others back and often unknowingly hinder their own ideation process. These mechanisms, which she has coined “BS Personas,” are used as a shield, preventing great ideas from breaking through and being heard. Mona provides insight to every part of the creative process, offering takeaways for CEOs and interns alike and sharing colorful stories and anecdotes along the way. Mona’s humor and confidence create a collaborative workshop environment that allows groups to comfortably examine their corporate and interpersonal cultures and the ways those impede or enhance idea generation. Mona will leave you more knowledgeable, self-aware, and better positioned to generate truly innovative ideas.

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